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  1. Zombie

    Chess Nerds - Why are there no female Chess World Champions?

    I could just run a engine and make it a sure thing.
  2. Zombie

    The Official Trump Thread

    nothing to do with Trump....
  3. Zombie

    Haggis Haters...who hates Haggis the most....and....why do you hate him?

    Hasn't Haggis recently denied that he ever claimed to be autistic?
  4. Zombie

    Trump 2020 express.

  5. Zombie

    The Official Trump Thread

    That whole "memorandum of understanding" back and forth....the patronizing end...with the trade expert just saying "from now on we will just call it a different name" just shows that Trump is stupid. Not stupid by Presidential standards...the way LBJ, Reagan and Bush Jr. were dumb realitve to...
  6. Zombie

    Trump the master negotiator vs Nancy Pelosi

    Although he can veto their block
  7. Zombie

    Earth may be 140 years away from reaching carbon levels not seen for 56 million years...

    yeah but it was cold last fuck you libtard gay science bitches. Go be men and drive a truck and shit
  8. Zombie

    The Official Trump Thread

    I agree with you... But you did vote for Jill Stein.
  9. Zombie

    Holmes & Watson Wins Razzie for Worst Picture of the Year

    You would of gotten Bill Maher'd
  10. Zombie

    U.S. Coast Guard Lieutenant arrested for planning large scale 'Domestic Terror Attack'

    was he Muslim? No? if not CHB probably wont care
  11. Zombie

    IBM Project Debater System (AI) vs Human Debate Champion

    post singularity is when it is going to get crazy....once computers have essentially surpassed human intelligence..and they have programs that can write other programs...and the new programs are smarter than the ones that wrote them, you will start to see computer intelligence increase at a...
  12. Zombie

    Alexandria ocasio-cortez

    Gonna sound like a excuse.....but i honestly think he used a chess engine. I am not super strong at chess...I suspect McGrain here could beat me and I was willing to be open to the idea that Vino is better than me as well. However...he said he could not play on and asked to play...
  13. Zombie

    KISS Army

    you also hate johnny funk you swamp critter
  14. Zombie

    The Official Trump Thread

    you edited coup d'eta' in after the fact (of Swollen pointing it out) fuck are all you Trump supporters lying and stupid? I guess it makes sense...
  15. Zombie

    Actor paid Nigerian men to attack him in well publicized racist attack

    Liam on and so forth.
  16. Zombie

    Alexandria ocasio-cortez

    Not surprising that a guy who has crippled up Dale fight his battles in real life...and uses a bot to win chess games...would also use a fake quote.
  17. Zombie

    Mike Tyson offered zoo keeper £9,000 to let him fight gorilla

    Those skulls are so thick....his best bare fisted shot would feel the same to the gorilla as a Paulie Malignaggi 16 oz gloved punch would feel to Tyson.
  18. Zombie

    Alexandria ocasio-cortez

    Swamp critter