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    Broadband provider uk

    Whos your favourite? Anyone have fibreoptic?
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    How good is Gennady Golovkin?

    Tell me about him, bros.
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    Where to find old fights?

    Just trying to find some "LEGAL" ways to watch some of the old classics. I seem to have lost a huge amount on a hard drive death. Did we have a big collector on here at some point? Any tips? Feel free to PM me as well.
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    Best YouTube downloader?

    What's your most reliable YouTube downloading software guys? Quality is important too, rather than just managing to download a full video (other shit I've tried fails halfway or whenever it feels like it).
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    Who's mate turned into "Liam Gallagher"?

    I can't remember who posted that bizarre tale about their mate suddenly deciding to become Liam Gallagher and acting him out everywhere, haircut, clothes, it was really funny. :lol: Is this the guy? I get stuck in these mindless cycles of watching a couple of Jeremy Kyle highlight videos...
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    Got engaged this week

    Just spreading the joy. After FedEx were crap, I finally got the ring, went to Barcelona and popped the question. Been a great week! Feeling better than I expected, as in I wasn't expecting things to be much different but they are a bit, in a good way!
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    FedEx are a bunch of cunts

    Any time I've had to deal with them, they have been fucking shit. Today took the biscuit. Long story short, my engagement ring was supposed to arrive today, watched the tracking bullshit like a hawk and was home all day. Only possible time I couldn't answer the door was having a shower...
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    Reebok shoes price glitch What will they do?
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    South Park

    Pretty late to the party on this one, I watched the movie many many years ago and thought it was OK. Started to watch the series after a few recommended episodes turned out to be hilarious. Watching it backwards from season 17, I don't really get why everyone complains "oh this show...
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    Bob's Burgers

    Anyone else watch this? I find it pretty funny and watchable. No over the top crudeness, some good light viewing. And the whole cast of characters are pretty likeable. Some of the side characters are well funny.
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    Ordering glitches on websites

    Whats the deal on these? So for example a product is something like 9.99 instead of 99.99 or something like that. Or you add it to cart and it has 0 value. And you can check out normally, pay the shipping as normal, and get a receipt, money leaves your account. What happens usually? Anyone...
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    When calling customer support about an order..

    Can they see how much you paid for a product? So for example if I were to order an item, then want to change its size or colour or something like that (free of charge, nothing fancy), would the customer support person you ask to do this see how much you paid for the item? Or would they just...
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    Best Christmas jumper

    Or sweater for you Americans.
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    Funny voicemail Glenwils posted on facebook
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    Absolute pile of shit. I was totally up for this being a good film and I ignored the naysayers - but no, it was total guff. Shit plot full of holes and just skipping sharing most of it. 90 minutes in and very little has happened, its so slow paced but without really doing anything. And...
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    The Dark Knight Returns animated

    Really enjoyed this, pretty dark and brutal. One of my favourite animated films of all time, part 1 and 2 are both really good. Love Robocop as old Batman, very fitting. Seen it a few times, rewatched yesterday and was just as good. Also great soundtrack.
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    The Raid Redemption

    Thought it was pretty good, a fun watch. Some good action sequences! Trailer for its sequel was put together well. Anyone seen it?
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    Dealing with the inevitability of loss

    Bit of a morbid one, this one. My (great) aunt, 92, passed away peacefully this week, fell asleep in her chair and didn't wake up. It just got me thinking that "soon" my parents generation will be next in line, we only have one other elderly family member left, she is 93 (the other aunt's...
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    EasyJet / "City break"

    Easyjet has 25% off all flights (well a lot) between Nov 5th and March 31st, for the next 5 days, for those interested. Great news for me, a week after I booked a ticket, cunts. But February looks promising. Anyone have any recommendations for a few days in Spring? Not interested in...
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    Nolan's Batman films

    MASSIVE fanboyism ruined my memories of The Dark Knight, and I never bothered watching Dark Knight Rises for the same reason. I have never been a big fan of Batman, I was brought up on Spiderman/Xmen cartoons, not the Batman ones. Last year I watched Batman The Animated Series and it was...