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  1. Berliner

    Stevenson vs Monaghan

    Damn Stevenson really a cherry picker.
  2. Berliner


    Looks like we will see Stevenson-Williams. My good what an awful awful fight. Williams is just not good and gets knocked out inside 3. So that makes the fourth shitty fight for Stevenson in a row. With his best opponent being Sakio Bika.:eek: Haymon really loves these kind of mismatches for his...
  3. Berliner


    Price will fight Ondrej Pala March 29 in Berlin. He is the Co-Main event on the Hernandez bill. Fight will be seen on box nation. Not a bad fight for Price right now. Pala looked decent against Chisora and the stoppage was a little bit "strange".
  4. Berliner


    Why does USA still has it? Most people are not even guilty. No trial, no conviction for a crime yet still these people stay in prison. I mean WTF? Really? This is terrible. Nothing more. Nobody can say USA is a state of freedom and justice with this shit going on. I bet this topic is not even in...
  5. Berliner

    Hopkins-Murat called off due to visa issues

    I read today that this fight is cancelled. Murat doesnt gets a Visa for this fight so he cant go to the USA. I mean why is it so hard to give a fighter the permission to go to the USA? What could be the reason that the State dont allows him to travel to the State? It seems also that Hopkins now...