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  1. Bart

    Ireland passes historic abortion bill Discuss its merits here
  2. Bart

    Irish festive week!

    Dear friends, yesterday we celebrated the birthday of our beloved hero, the Lord Protector of Ireland, Oliver Cromwell and tomorrow we celebrate the 365th anniversary of the Cromwellian Conquest of Ireland. To many St. Patrick's Day is known as a day of festivities, but in my view 25 and 27 of...
  3. Bart

    The official Dutch response to Donald J. Trump's inauguration speech

    Official response starts at 0:40
  4. Bart

    Trump and the G-DAMN lying media Quislings

    It always 'amuses' me how YOU g-damn liberal Quislings TRY to 'vilify' Donald J. Trump Bahahahaaaaa It is not f'f'f'f'f'f'f'fair how he DEMOLISHED our 'poor' Shillary So one punch decided to hand YOU some f-ing 'FACTS'! So YOU sit tight and enjoy the g-damn facts just for once. Okay...
  5. Bart

    Dented a knuckle

    Started boxing training again a while ago. Yesterday I had a sparring session a threw a punch that landed badly (on the hip). Hand began to hurt quite a bit. Boxing trainer looked at it and mentioned my knuckle got inverted/dented, which would be nothing to worry about, common boxing injury...
  6. Bart

    Whisky trip

    Gonna make a 5-6 day whisky trip late june. What's the beste region to start our trip? Sure, we want visit some whisky distelleries, but a nice surrounding ould be nice. Flying from Amsterdam. Cheap destinations are Edinburgh, Inverness or Aberdeen. Any help? @McGrain @Doyley10 @anyotherjock
  7. Bart

    My first boxing thread in about 11 years

    On which TV channel or stream can I watch the Joshua vs the other guy fight?
  8. Bart

    Hey Haggis...

    Haggis ... Your patch been shakin' again?
  9. Bart

    DeathList 2016

    I'll have: Michael Barrymore Perez de Cuellar (sp) Boutros Boutros Boutros Ghali Val Kilmer
  10. Bart

    armadillo shoots Texas man in the g-damn face

    If only he had a gun... No wait...
  11. Bart

    Which game console should I get my 5 year old?

    Yeah, parenting advice on CHB is a bit dodgy, but I'm a noob when it comes down to gaming. Which one is the best for kids? ... A Nintendo Wii U, 3Ds, PS4 or an Xbox One?
  12. Bart

    Lounge dweller poll: Mayweather vs Pacquaio

    Who and how
  13. Bart

    Summer's approaching: CHB holiday destinations 2014/15

    I'm knackered. Looking forward to the following: 2 weeks South of France this summer 4 days Barcelona early October 8 days US (camping trip Grand Canyon) February 2015 2 weeks Vietnam July 2015
  14. Bart

    A wealthy sheik buys Swansea City and appoints you general manager

    You have to build a new team (preferably with young players), which has to win the league within 3 years. Or else you're sacked and deported to Ireland. 1. You can spend 200 million GBP on a squad and on substitutes 2. You can't get players who'd realistically cost more than 20 million...
  15. Bart

    Where's Junior-Soprano?

    In the pokey again?
  16. Bart

    Pirivate school (public school UK)?

    My oldest one (4) started in august at primary school (4-12 yr). He's in a good school, but I'm considering putting him in a private school (United World College). Whilst I reckon the private school is better, it will cost me an arm and a leg (luxurious holidays, fine dining and new...
  17. Bart

    What's your favourite fish?

    Going to the market tomorrow, am in need of inspiration. My favourites are North Sea flatfish (turbot, halibut and sole), but I'm game for everything.
  18. Bart

    Help me with a new car

    Help an affable Dutchman out. I know next to nothing about cars (and I'm a pretty shitty driver as well), but it's time to get a new car. I don't have use for my big ass Volvo diesel anymore. Firstly petrol is the better option for me right now and especially in urban areas it feels like I'm...
  19. Bart

    Death pool 2014

    Who you got? Don't be lame and pick Schumacher and/or the obvious ones (like Muhammad Ali) Morgan Freeman Lindsay Lohan Bill Cosby Bashar Assad
  20. Bart

    If your club wouldn't have to let its best players go....

    How would your squad look now? Ajax / would be Uefa CL winners 2013/2014 .........................Stekelenburg.................. Van der Wiel.....Vertonghen....Vermaelen..........Maxwell De Jong.....Sneijder.....Eriksen........Van der Vaart...