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  1. 941jeremy

    How many of you hardcore fans are willing to admit that you were entertained?

    I guess I'll be the first. I realize that it was a diminished Floyd against an overmatched novice but it may have been one of the first Floyd fights that I've enjoyed in years. Also I will take into account that my standards were extremely low so that might be a factor as well.
  2. 941jeremy

    Crawford vs Thurman

    They are both versatile fighters with good speed and power. Both are equally good on the front and back foot. Who has the edge and how does it play out?
  3. 941jeremy

    How much of a G is Ward to attempt that right hand on Kovalev in the 8th?

    It was the same sequence that left him on the receiving end of a knockdown in the first fight, slipping the jab and delivering the right hand, however, this time Ward reached his target. That took an incredible amount of confidence not to mention timing.
  4. 941jeremy

    Would Canelo be the favorite vs GGG @ 155

    Canelo is by far the best 155lber of all time, however, what would the betting odds be like if GGG agreed to face him at Canelo's preferred weight?
  5. 941jeremy

    Ivan Redkach vs Luis Cruz rbr

    Anyone going to do the rbr or am I the only one watching?
  6. 941jeremy

    Rigondeaux was otherworldly terrible.

    My god he was awful. I wouldn't watch that fight again unless you paid me. The guy was given a clean slate with not only Roc Nation but with HBO and like a rebellious teenager he gave them both his ass to kiss. He probably loss 90% of the couple thousand fans that he had remaining. I don't know...
  7. 941jeremy

    Were you one of the fans that said " If Floyd fought Pac then..."

    He can face any bum that he wants to afterwards with no complaints? If so I guess he's holding you to your word. He gave you your dream fight now suck it up and allow him to finish his career fighting bums.
  8. 941jeremy

    What makes people think that Broner has all of the physical tools to succeed?

    Can we stop saying that he only lacks maturity and work ethic? He's a B- fighter. I understand that he was overhyped but he's fairly ordinary.
  9. 941jeremy

    I'm so sick of this A-side shit

    I can't be the only one, this shit is downright intolerable. Between Cotto, Khan, Broner, Froch,Floyd, Santa Cruz, Chavez, and any other A-side bitches in boxing. I wish they'd all just STFU. I really dread my favorite up and coming boxers becoming household names because they're going to turn...
  10. 941jeremy

    If Mayweather loses out on Cinco De Mayo will he lose his September date as well?

    There's been speculation that Mayweather might get pushed off of his date and into June. If this happens will he be able to make a quick turnaround in order to secure a fight for September 15?
  11. 941jeremy

    Anyone ever had a sugar mama?

    I met this woman through a female cousin, she'd been asking about me for about a month but I told my cousin I wasn't interested. Eventually she found the courage to approach me herself but I still declined to pursue anything. Long story short I went on a date with her because I was fresh out of...
  12. 941jeremy

    Would Khan be a favorite in a rematch vs Prescott?

    If this rematch were to happen now at 140 who's the favorite?
  13. 941jeremy

    Can Floyd face someone other than Manny to get the May 2nd date?

    Most of the boxing world believes that Cotto vs Canelo is the second biggest fight that can be made. Is this is in fact the case? Why not give us Mayweather vs Broner? He has the star power to be a solid B side, he just needs a slight boost of momentum. I think Haymon can get Broner in a...
  14. 941jeremy

    For those of you that still use ESB

    Threads that I've subscribed to randomly dissapear from my folder, in fact my whole folder has no subscribed threads at all. Anyone else experience this problem? I asked IB but he acts like a dickhead, he's ignored me on several occasions.
  15. 941jeremy

    Does Floyd discourage opponents with his counter punches?

    I've always felt that a good pressure would give Mayweather fits, the counter argument has mostly been that guys can't just stalk Floyd and walk him down because he still does posses respectable power. Any examples of Floyd discouraging opponents who attempt to walk him down? Also examples of...
  16. 941jeremy

    School me on Nino LaRocca

    I recently viewed a couple of his fights. He looks pretty good on film he also fought very frequently. Did Curry ruin him or was he all hype to begin with? Also how would he fare against today's welters ?
  17. 941jeremy

    Did Agnew quit?

    He appeared to be intimidated and mentally broken rather than succumbing to physical punishment. My main reason for the question is because after he was hit to the body he extended his arm on the same side to push Kovalev away. Generally when you're hurt to the body like that you're unable to...
  18. 941jeremy

    So basically if I approach Scott right now and land my weakest jab...

    On his temple, he will likely crumble. His equilibrium will be completely gone.