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  1. Sawspan

    First amateur fight

    Yo Guys, My first fight from around this time last year got uploaded to youtube finally. Thought I would share it with all the fine folk at CHB. I am the fella in red. Never really had aspirations to do much in the sport, it was more a tick off the b[ucket list kind of thing. But I might jump...
  2. Sawspan

    Rohan Murdock vs Andre Ward apparently under discussion

    I just saw on Australian Boxing Central's Facebook page that Rohan Murdock is in talks to face Andre Ward on the Cotto - Canelo undercard. Huge task for Rohan who is a very talented guy himself, however i don't see that this will end in anything other than a complete shutout or TKO for Ward.
  3. Sawspan

    Fox sports card 14th Feb

    Any one catch this card? Pretty evenly matched i thought, i definitely think nathaniel may was jobbed on the cards against waylon law. Andy green seems a bit lean for cruiserweight and was knocked out quite brutally, hope he recovers ok he's a nice guy and a good boxer, that was the first i've...
  4. Sawspan

    Will Tomlinson Debut on Canelo vs Angulo undercard

    From Tomlinson's Facebook page. 10 round non title fight against Jerry Belmontes? Go Will :happy:happy
  5. Sawspan

    Top Ten most liveable cities in the world revealed

    Eight of the ten are either in Australia or Canada, personally i find these lists a little odd but i do think we have it pretty good down here.
  6. Sawspan

    Hammer Time- Danny Green Interview