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    Who could/would Canelo credibly fight in May 2018, if not GGG?

    I'm not saying that Canelo will definitely avoid a rematch with GGG in May 2018, but if he and/or his team are not keen on a rematch at that point, maybe preferring instead to rematch GGG in Sept 2018 or in 2019, who could he get away with as an opponent for May 2018, that makes sense? First...

    Kovalev believes it is more important to keep the Zero in your arse, than on your boxing record

    So take that, you rotten gays. At 1.52ish of the below video, Kovalev dispenses this timeless wisdom.

    MMA Your 5 favourite active MMA Fighters that are close to their prime

    When I saw various people recently talking about how much they liked Joanna Jedrzejczyk, it occurred to me that not only do I like her too, but that she is far and away my favourite MMA fighter these days. The notion that my favourite MMA fighter would actually be female, was not something I...

    Terrible Singing by Canelo in a sound studio


    Have we lost smilies?

    Only appear to have 10 or so smilies available right now.

    Aussie Vegan delivers heartfelt message to Joe Rogan of the UFC

    It would be interesting to know what Joe Rogan's thoughts were after watching this video.

    Swollen Goat's new tattoo


    Does Jeb Bush's wife have a medical condition?

    With me not living in Florida or America, I had no idea what Jeb Bush's wife looked like, but saw this photo on Twitter earlier today. I did a google search to make sure the women in the photo was Jeb Bush's wife, so with that confirmed, I'm wondering if she has a medical condition or is...

    Amir Khan announces he is fighting Canelo on Cinco De Mayo How the fuck does one embed tweets on this site? 694566161271427072 Edit: Sorted out the embedding.

    Star Wars - Episode 8 - Speculations, Leaks, Fan Theories, Casting & Plot leaks

    I think the discussions that relate to the next Star Wars film deserves its own thread, so here we go. Having not read the Expanded Universe novels or watched the animated Clone Wars series, I'm probably at a disadvantage to some in trying to work out what they are going to do as the series...

    Some betting odds on potential fights like GGG v Canelo, GGG v Froch, Lomo vs Rigo, Fury vs Vitali

    An Aussie Betting Agency has some odds up for fights which aren't confirmed and may never happen, but I find the odds very interesting nonetheless, coz if the fights get made, your bet will be honoured. What is interesting in some of these potential match ups, is they have no idea what weight...

    In the spirit of Christmas, FREE ARRAN

    What has the silly fat cunt done now to get himself banned again? I looked at his last few posts and couldn't see an obvious reason.

    How come the feather fisted Charlo has split from Ronnie Shields?

    I was reading an article on Boxing Scene where it said that Jermell Charlo had left Ronnie Shields, but that Jermall Charlo was staying with Shields. What's up with that, and who is training Jermell now? Clearly Ronnie has the best Charlo, but I wonder if there is any danger of him leaving...

    Did Floyd & Pac kill PPV 4 everyone else? Is there a PBC effect? What numbers will Canelo-Cotto do?

    As the lower than expected numbers for Golovkin-Lemieux roll in, whilst it may be as simple as Golovkin's profile isn't yet high enough or the fight wasn't seen as compelling enough, I'm wondering if PPV's in general have taken a mortal wound that will kill it off as a regular thing and can only...

    What is the deal with the fallout between George Groves and Adam Booth?

    Have their been details come out about why George Groves and Adam Booth fell out?

    "Danny is a black American, so I'm coming to eat his chocolate too"

    With those immortal words uttered by Peter Quillin to Danny Jacobs, has fetish now become mainstream and can be regularly discussed in the media? I would love to see a documentary series interview conducted by Jim Gray, where he explores the finer details of Quillin eating Danny Jacobs'...

    Old School Leftists taking Feminists and Progressives to task, YouTube Thread

    Thanks to SwollenGoat I have been made aware of a pretty sane Leftist called Dave Rubin, formerly of The Young Turks and here he is in discussion with a cunt I despise(although he behaves himself in this video) about how "Progressives" are at war with the New Atheists. They discuss the fall...

    MMA Why do Brazilians pronounce their own names in such a ridiculous fashion?

    This thread has largely been inspired by how Brazilians pronounce ugly bitch Bethe Correia's christian name as "Bench". Also, why is "Royce" pronounced as "Hoyce"? This is just dumb and is the kind of thing that stops Brazil from leaving behind 3rd World Status.

    Former speechwriter to Australian Prime Minister gives the most accurate assessment of Ed Milliband

    It may be that the media in the UK won't tell you the truth about why Ed Milliband lost the election, but fear not, for Australian Labor Party insider and speechwriter to Prime Ministers and Government Ministers galore, Bob Ellis, will set you straight. "That being said, it is worth saying...

    Is Chavez Jnr still the Cash Cow? - Asking before his loss to Fonfara

    No doubt Chavez Jnr has been a Cash Cow in the past, but the reason why I am asking the question now is that I noticed more than a few empty seats at the Stub Hub Centre, the same place that GGG had managed to sell out recently. Obviously being a Cash Cow in boxing isn't just about selling...