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  1. KO-KING

    How to watch Fury vs Wilder

    Not really thread worthy, but can someone help me on how to watch the fight. I have no TV subscription anymore like sky or Virgin, because I only ever use fire tv I need to stream the fight, can't find a bt box office app on fire tv, am not asking for an illegal stream, I want to buy the damn...
  2. KO-KING

    Dickheads close Down Piccadilly railway station with protest

    Manchester Piccadilly railway station has been closed after about 100 protesters stormed the railway lines. Campaigners are blocking the tracks and some have tried to climb overhead line equipment, National Rail said. Crowds of people are holding banners which read "stop Turkey from helping...
  3. KO-KING

    What do you fuckers list as 'interests/hobbies' on CVs

    So what do you guys list under interests and hobbies in CVs/application forms or say when asked in an interview I ask because I don't think it's great for me to say 'boxing, mma, just generally watching people beating the shit out of each other'
  4. KO-KING

    20 year old wins near half a billion

    20-year-old from Florida says he plans to "have some fun" after being named sole winner of a $451m (£330m) lottery jackpot. Shane Missler matched five numbers and a bonus ball to scoop the fourth largest win in the US game's history. He opted to receive a one-time payment of $282m, instead of...
  5. KO-KING

    Tyson Fury to return April 2018 - in decent shape

    When will he return exactly? "I think April of next year," Peter Fury told BBC Sport He was in Costco on Sunday, he was under 300, looking decent in a good suit and in reasonable shape, no pics as he was with family. I think he's genuinely coming back April, good news if he keeps it up...
  6. KO-KING

    Transport for London to Change offensive Greeting

    That being 'ladies and gentlemen' announcements London Underground staff have been told to say "hello everyone" in an effort to become more gender-neutral. TfL said the move was to ensure all passengers felt "welcome". What kind of sad fucker actually cares what it says on its message How do...
  7. KO-KING

    Another car incident*, in Newcastle

    Not got much info, but friend told me he got told by police to leave area Kids injured Ffs
  8. KO-KING

    London private school may let boys wear skirts

    Boys could be allowed to wear skirts at a north London private school if a plan for gender neutral uniforms comes in. Highgate School is considering mix-and-match outfits for pupils after head teachers said that growing numbers of children were questioning their gender. The school, which...
  9. KO-KING

    Bitch wins half a billion pounds in divorce settlement

    Russian billionaire has been ordered to pay his estranged wife £453m in a divorce settlement at a British court. The payment from the 61-year-old, a former oil and gas trader, to his ex-wife, 41, has been described as one of the biggest awards made by a UK court. During a High Court hearing, a...
  10. KO-KING

    Sats exams set to be scrapped 'Sats for seven-year-olds set to be scrapped The possibility that the controversial tests sat by children in Year 2 could be axed will be welcomed by many who argue they have been putting undue pressure on very young children' What's wrong with...
  11. KO-KING

    Peter Kay accused of homophobia on Strictly what a bunch of faggots.
  12. KO-KING

    People burn new balance trainers (sneakers) in protest against Trump I mean what the fuck, these fuckers are dumb as the Trump fanatics, how does America even run as a country
  13. KO-KING

    Tyson gays daughter shot dead

    The 15-year-old daughter of American sprinter Tyson Gay has died after a shooting in Kentucky. The Lexington Police Department announced Trinity Gay was killed in the incident, which took place in a car park at the Cook Out restaurant. "A juvenile who was struck at the scene was transported to...
  14. KO-KING

    Remember the tsunami kid with Portugal shirt...

    That kid Well now....
  15. KO-KING

    Remember the tsunami kid with Portugal shirt...

    That kid Well now....
  16. KO-KING

    Don't like this new top gear

    That ginger cunt is too smug and weird These guys need to fuck off
  17. KO-KING

    ONLY 9 YEARS!! for kicking and punching pensioner to Death

    What the hell is that shit about, 9 years, are you fucking serious, how the fuck is this manslaughter - this is straight out Murder, how can he not have known that punching and kicking a pensioner in the end, whilst he lay on the ground would kill him, its not like he acted in self defence and...
  18. KO-KING

    Floyd and Pac both Sued

    Floyd sued by his ex for 20 million Pac sued for 5 million for fighting with an injury by some random ass fans Everyone wants a piece of this Over at the Scene
  19. KO-KING

    Kim Jong-un's 'pleasure troupe'

    Kim Jong-un has ordered the recreation of the famous 'pleasure troupe' of young women that North Korean leaders have traditionally employed to entertain them. Kim disbanded the group of hand-picked teenagers shortly after the death of his father in the North Korean capital Pyongyang in December...
  20. KO-KING

    Stevenson vs Bika On April 4th

    If Bika was still half the fighter he once was, he would take that cowardly raping Pimp out...shame he's looked past it for few years now