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  1. attaboi

    Anyone watch the Prince Andrew (Epstein) interview?

    So, the guy claim he traveled to New York to tell Epstein that they can no longer be friends. While he was there, he decided to spend 4 days at Epstein's New York residence.
  2. attaboi

    Another anti-Greta Thunberg/climate boomer keys a Tesla.

    So which one of you in the Greta Thunberg thread is this?
  3. attaboi

    Democratic Party's fuckery continues: Mayor Bloomberg is running for president.

    Exclusive: Mike Bloomberg will "spend whatever it takes" in 2020 Photo: Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Bloomberg Philanthropies Mike Bloomberg is jumping into the Democratic presidential race because he believes that Joe Biden is fading, opening the moderate lane next to Elizabeth Warren, sources...
  4. attaboi

    What's your pfp ranking?

    This is mine Canelo Crawford Inoue Lomachenko Usyk
  5. attaboi

    John Gotti ordered Don King Whacked?

  6. attaboi

    Radical Islamism is a mental illness. British ISIS bride wants to return back to the UK with her Jihadi kids.

    A “jihadi bride” accused of recruiting teenage girls to Isis, issued a public apology as she begged to return to the UK to face justice in court. Tooba Gondal, whose three husbands were all killed while fighting for the terror group, has spent nearly a year in detention at a camp in northern...
  7. attaboi

    Female rugby refs are quitting because transgender athletes are breaking real females bones on the field.

    Rugby referees in the UK would rather quit their jobs rather than watch male players who identify as females injure and maim actual female players. The Sunday Times reported that the fear of "being sued as more men claim to be women join the women's leagues and end up hurting natural-born female...
  8. attaboi

    Apparently Tyson Fury is now a WWE Wrestler.

    He looks like a natural. He'll fit right in after Wilder decapitates him next year.
  9. attaboi

    Convict code _ would you follow it or stand on your own principles?

    Please watch the video before commenting.
  10. attaboi

    Disgusting, Greta Thunberg's haters are now destroying Teslas

    Look at this old bitch causing $2000 worth of damages to a stranger's Tesla with her keys.
  11. attaboi

    Mike Tyson goes on Reddit.

    "I'll fuck you till you love me faggot"
  12. attaboi

    Trump has fired John Bolton.

    Draft dodger and neocon warhawk John Bolton has been dismissed Donald Trump. According to reports, Bolton consulted Trump 2 days ago intending to turn in his resignation letter but was blown off by Trump who suggested that they "talk about it tomorrow". You see, Trump wouldn't let this Vietnam...
  13. attaboi

    Another Middle East war heating up Israel-Lebanon.

    In the past 48 hours, Israel and Hezbollah has exchanged fire at their respect borders. It all began earlier last week when Israel launched a preemptive strike at Hezbollah's media center in what it claim was intended to prevent a missile launch by Hezbollah. Right after Hezbollah's secretary...
  14. attaboi

    Hong Kong protesters destroys facial recognition camera.

    Damn you have to respect these people's persistence. This shit will never happen in America....we're to divided to stand up to our tyrannical government who Like the Chinese are planning on keeping us under surveillance. Amazon already got the contract, so expect one on a street near you in...
  15. attaboi

    Tiananmen Square II ? China suggests that it's army could be deployed to quell escalating unrest in Hong Kong.
  16. attaboi

    Guy scares the shit out of a Bear

  17. attaboi

    Iran says it will punish the U.K. for its seizure of an Iranian Tanker
  18. attaboi

    Christian Doctor fired for refusing to address a 6 foot brah as "madam"