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  1. MrK


    It's happening again. Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried and a bunch of no names so far.
  2. MrK

    Was the 90s the last great decade of nostalgia?

  3. MrK

    Formula E

    First race of this new racing series was earlier today. Didn't actuially watch it but this happened in the last lap just before the final turn:
  4. MrK

    Add-ons/ Moving with the times.

    Just wondering if you guys have looked into things like embedding Tweets, Vines and GFYs. Seen a few forums around who added these functions and I think it would really add to the forum.
  5. MrK

    Colombian football players >

    I only just came across this, a few months old apparently Legends. :lol: NSFW link
  6. MrK

    German victory tonight and comparing Germany to Brazil

    Now that Germany has won is Brazil still be the undisputed number one in international football? Before the final there was little debate but now that Germany has moved within one title could they claim to be on the same level or better? Other than the number of titles they have outperformed...
  7. MrK

    IMDb comments and weird links

    In the last few days I noticed an odd phenomenon on IMDb discussion boards. When posters use certain words they turn into links to russian websites. So far I noticed this happening with 'people' 'christ' 'military' 'viking' 'explore' and one or two other words which I can't remember right now...
  8. MrK

    Classic threads

    We used to have a thread on ESB with links to most of the best threads over the years. I'd say CHB has been around for long enough to warrant one of its own. Anyone that cba to do this? edit: Juiceboxbiotch is volunteering to maintain the list. The full list can be found in the 3rd post of...
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    True Detective

    Opening: Trailers: More videos on HBO's youtube channel: Link
  10. MrK

    Formula 1 Season 2014

    They already are trying their best to make it a complete joke.
  11. MrK

    ** Official Pro Cycling Thread **

    ==========.o0O��Cycling, bitches!��O0o.==========
  12. MrK

    Time for an Upgrade?

    Been getting these alot today, probably cus of all the ESB folks coming over.