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  1. Medicine

    Crackheads ……...…..

    I know it's not suppose to be "Funny".... But fuck me they are hilarious....
  2. Medicine

    They have arrested and charged the two guards looking over Epstein Obvious fall guys. How is the American public sitting back and taking this shit? It's obvious we are being played by all of them...The media, the elites, the Dems/Repubs, British...
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    Kids on youtube are now playing the role of "Chris Hansen"...

    So it seems these youtube kids are now doing their own catch a predator channels. They are setting guys up on dating sites like tinder and grinder and seem to mostly be expoising them in walmarts... Judging by the video posters comments (Most of the people making these videos are teens...
  4. Medicine

    NYPD district busts business owner for 100% Legal Industrial Hemp... Posted a photo op claiming they confiscated Marijuana

    It was all 100% Industrial Hemp... Cops are a fucking joke. How can they have not heard about CBD or been educated on the Farm bill and what Hemp/CBD is compared to what Marijuana/THC is? The bootlickers are the worst... Posting tweets like "Sensational work by our boys in blue, stay...
  5. Medicine

    Just received 1,035 phone calls to my cell in 5 hours

    Very strange... At 5:30 today I got a call from a random number, ignored it as always, 2 seconds later I got another and another..... within 15 minutes I had now gotten over 80 phone calls, all with 267 area codes, (same as my number) then on top of it I started receiving text messages with most...
  6. Medicine

    Cop pulls gun on guy picking up trash on his property..

    Look at the situation this idiot cop created, you can tell the other cops who showed up knew he fucked up big time.
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    Liberal couple ride their bikes into isis territory to prove humans are kind...

    Now they are both dead.
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    Most Pathetic police stop I have ever seen.

    Unless the good police officers start calling these asshole cops out for their BS, they are going to continue to receive constant hate. This dick head of a cop actually pulled fucking pollen out of this guys side window and acted as if it was Marijuana and then conducted a VERY ILLEGAL search...
  9. Medicine

    2018: Which sports city had the best reaction to winning the championship?

    Oakland- Warriors win NBA finals Washington DC - Capitols win Stanley Cup Philadelphia- Eagles win Super Bowl
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    New Halloween Movie 2018

    They showed the Trailer at Cinimacon and people are saying it was scary as all fucking hell. So far what we know for this movie.... Michael Myers will be mortal again the same as the first film, he will not be walking through shotgun blasts and crushing peoples skulls with his bare hands. He...
  11. Medicine

    Armed School Security Officer stops shooter Need more of these guys. Result, no deaths and shooter was stopped.
  12. Medicine

    PC Eminem back with another gay performance...Now wants to ban guns

    Someone give this guy his Vicodin and hair dye back, this new PC version of Eminem fucking blows horse dick.
  13. Medicine

    Super Bowl 52: Eagles vs. Patriots

    Some surprises so far with the Falcons knocking off the Rams and the Titans getting by The Chiefs at Arrowhead. Got a felling that it will boil down to Steelers vs. Patriots for the AFC. NFC is unpredictable. Eagles would have been the favorite but with Carson Wentz out for the season and Nick...
  14. Medicine

    Prankster in California gets man Killed by Police in Kansas

    Turns out this is some new trend. People in other states make a call to police claiming there is a shooting and a hostage situation at some random house in another state. This 25 year old in CA did it to this family in Kansas, of course the police showed up and murdered the first person to...
  15. Medicine

    Liberals turn on Eminem after using the word "Retarded"... LMAO looks like PC Eminem's SJW run didn't last very long...... Hysterical how a word like "Retarded" puts people into panic mode these days...
  16. Medicine

    Don't care what anyone says...That KO was bad ass.

    Wilder killed that shit, I died when he did the Undertaker stance.
  17. Medicine

    So how good is Carson Wentz?

    MVP performance right here, Eagles are now number 1 in the NFL.
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    Crazy to think Pavlik-Taylor was 10 years ago.

    This fight was a fucking classic. Remember it like it was yesterday. From Taylor handing Pavlik his ass in round 2 then leading up to the Loudest crowd reaction I have ever seen when Pavlik iced Taylor in the 7th. Both went down hill quickly after this fight and the rematch didn't compare what...
  19. Medicine

    What was the point of moving the Chargers to LA?

    LA is a joke of a football town and it's even more ridiculous that they have two teams now. The whole Stadium right now is 90% Eagles fans.
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    Canelo Vs. GGG did over 2 Million PPV buys (Update: 1.3 million)

    Reported over at the scene... This fight sure blew every ones PPV predictions here out of the water.