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  1. Mrboogie23

    Can Bloomberg become the Democratic nominee?

    He's basically skipping the first 4 states entirely and focusing on all the other states. He is spending his own money. It's projected he has already spent around 200 million. He has said he is open to spending 1 billion dollars on it and on defeating Trump. What do you think...
  2. Mrboogie23

    Claressa Shields vs Amanda Nunes (MMA)

    First I've heard of this. They're actually talking about it.
  3. Mrboogie23

    Musician's death that really effected you...

    Are there certain death's of musicians, singers, etc that really had an effect on you? Prince hit me pretty hard. Dude was not old at all. Pretty amazing musician. Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest really bothered me a lot as well. ATCQ's music has been constantly playing since I first heard...
  4. Mrboogie23

    Crawford calling out Errol Spence on twitter

    Crawford posted, “Keep defending him because I’m tell all y’all now and I mean what I say when that day come when I knock him all I want all y’all to keep that same energy because he gone cry in the car he wasn’t built for this shit I got over here. Just watch me show the world. And stop using...
  5. Mrboogie23

    Eddie Murphy back on SNL last night.

    First time that I watched an entire SNL episode in years. The show is just not funny anymore, but every damn skit with Eddie had me laughing last night. It was legitimately funny as hell. Good shit. Did anyone catch it?
  6. Mrboogie23

    CHB Best of the past decade, Fight version:

    The decade is coming to a close. Figure we should do some best of the past decade threads. This is how this will go down. If you think a specific fight is the best of the past 10 years nominate it here. You've got a week to nominate your fight. I'll compile a list and then start a poll after...
  7. Mrboogie23

    How did the US become a superpower?

    Easy question. Possibly a complicated answer? We are a young nation, how did the USA rise to prominence so quickly? What do you think?
  8. Mrboogie23

    What do you believe is the most important book of the past 50 years?

    Simple enough question, maybe a bit hard to answer. What book from the past 50 years do you believe is essential reading?
  9. Mrboogie23

    What band, artist, or group would be featured most heavily in the Soundtrack to your life?

    Let's say you die and there's a quick recap of your life. What band, artist, or group would be heard the most? For me it's A Tribe Called Quest. Easily. They're always my go to group. I listen to new music, old music, from different genres all the time but I always find myself going back to A...
  10. Mrboogie23

    Are subscription news sites better quality?

    I know a lot of people, I'd even say the majority of folks get news from social media and free new sites. Do you think paying for a subscription to news site like the New York Times or The Washington Post is worth it? Are they more credible news sources? In today's day and age how do you find...
  11. Mrboogie23

    Greater Hip Hop Group: NWA or ATCQ?

    Who do you think is the greater Hip Hop group? N.W.A. vs A Tribe Called Quest I know my answer. What do you think is correct?
  12. Mrboogie23

    More likely to end up broke: Conor McGregor or Floyd Mayweather

    Who is likely to blow through all of their money? Lawsuits, frivolous spending, partying etc.
  13. Mrboogie23

    Hey smart guys, how do we fix the violent crime problem in the USA?

    Seriously. I've had some of the most enlightening conversations with you guys? How do we address this issue. It's clearly more complicated then "take all the guns from people". What are the underlying causes and how do we address them?
  14. Mrboogie23

    Boxing, racism, and nationalism

    We all watch sports. Seems like the racism and nationalism comes out in force when it comes to boxing. Why is that?
  15. Mrboogie23

    Taking a dump at work? Yes or no?

    Do you take dumps at work? Or do you do it in the morning before or wait until after? If you do take a dump at work do you look for the bathroom furthest away from everyone to drop off the kids at the pool? What's your workplace etiquette about dropping a deuce?
  16. Mrboogie23

    Stephen A. Smith is a dumbass...

    who doesn't know shit about boxing. I hate that because Kellerman knows the sport and they're on a show together they have to talk about it. That means I have to hear Stephen A Smith pretend he knows what he's talking about. I wish Ruiz would walk into the studio and bust him in the mouth to...
  17. Mrboogie23

    New HW Champ Andy Ruiz Jr has pretty good looking wife.

    Just saying. Chubby dude keeps defying the odds. Good on him. I'm gonna go eat some tacos. :good
  18. Mrboogie23

    Crazy Mike Tyson stories...

    came across this video. Pretty funny shit.
  19. Mrboogie23

    Ketchup on a hot dog?

    Yes or no.
  20. Mrboogie23

    So abortion is now illegal in Alabama...

    Alabama governor signed the bill into law. They're trying to take this to the Supreme Court to over turn Roe vs Wade.