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  1. joe33

    Insane SJW examples of bullshit "microaggressions"

    Lol that's king fucked he is forced to say sorry.
  2. joe33


    Not seen it yet, I did read its not actually related to any real story which is a bit of a shame. I also would love to see a war film based on the eastern front of ww1, where unlike the west, the vast distances made it very un trench like in many areas, and where the smaller German army ran...
  3. joe33

    RIP Neil Peart

    Very sad, I was a huge Rush fan when I was younger, but can understand why some never took to them. Lee's vocals are a bit hard to take at times, and they did like there 20 min epics. He had lost his daughter to a car crash, and his wife to cancer after she had giving up on life in the last...
  4. joe33

    For those who don’t like rap/hip-hop

    Massive heavy metal fan, classic rock to. So it's weird I can listen to the blackest of metal with screaming vocals and raging guitars and not get a headache....yet most hip hop after a while will make my head pound.
  5. joe33

    For those who don’t like rap/hip-hop

    Gave them a go, yeah not bad but just cant get into it. Prob because I dont want to really now, to old and set in my ways lol.
  6. joe33

    For those who don’t like rap/hip-hop

    Just find it a complete dirge, not for me although I used to love RUN Dmc back in the 80s.
  7. joe33

    Good guy with a gun saves dozens

    Brutal shit. Guess if no one had a gun of course no one would die. But that gonna happen. Great shot and stayed calm to the shooter who put this piece of filth down. He would have wasted dozens, most of them old and unable to move fast.
  8. joe33

    For those that follow darts

    Yeah he is good not knocking that all all. But he seems to like to celebrate right in the other players face which is pathetic. Big old scot will have to just sit on him.
  9. joe33

    For those that follow darts

    Cracks me up when people are saying no one would have the balls to say it to his face, as he is so big and well built lol. Guy is a steroid head or was when he played rugby, aint that tall either.
  10. joe33

    For those that follow darts

    Been good so far, cant stand that welsh prick though, the ex rugby guy, jesus what is his fucking problem ?
  11. joe33

    The Witcher on Netflix. Anyone planning on watching?

    LOVED the books and Games, finally watched up to episode 5 last night. Very fucking confusing due to the fact they have gone the old diversify the fucking characters as they like to do. The whole thing is meant to be Slavic eastern European type monsters etc. Ah well such is modern life. My wife...
  12. joe33

    Rise of Skywalker RBR. - Spoilers!

    Yeah my wife made me go last night lol. Love the whole cinema experience so at least that was good. It was all right, nice to see han and luke have a better send of then before. The annoying rose even was done far better, no preaching this time. The emperor being there showed how they fucked...
  13. joe33

    Insane SJW examples of bullshit "microaggressions" Crazy times
  14. joe33

    The Witcher on Netflix. Anyone planning on watching?

    looks way to diversified for me. Fucking books were set in an eastern europeon fantasy stting. Call me a proper cunt, but it looks so shoe horned in to me. Saying that will give it a go, like henry, and trailer looks ok.
  15. joe33

    The who - who (album)

    Any other fans give it a listen yet ?, made 3 in the uk and 2 in usa charts, there best in 30 plus years......Not that they have released many albums in them years. Really digging it, at times very similar to there early stuff, also a few pete townsend epics on there for fans of the later stuff...
  16. joe33

    Reports of gunfire on London Bridge

    Seems to be the way it's going. And behind him there are legions more of these useless fucks.
  17. joe33

    Reports of gunfire on London Bridge

    Saw my manager earlier, and he was also telling me while on tag this fucker was giving 100 quid a week for food, a computer ablit with out internet access. A flat and was picked up and driven about to and back from college or what ever they had him about taking the utter piss.
  18. joe33

    Reports of gunfire on London Bridge

    Guy I work with who does the tagging and is senior to me, did his tag after he was let out for attempting to bomb the stock exchange. Told me today, they had 8 coppers with them to do it. Also had to make sure they were not being followed, and had decoy cars to see if they were being followed...
  19. joe33

    Sleaford Mods - any fans?

    Not bad at all. Another good new band if you like indie is Liily