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  1. joe33

    Good guy with a gun saves dozens

    Brutal shit. Guess if no one had a gun of course no one would die. But that gonna happen. Great shot and stayed calm to the shooter who put this piece of filth down. He would have wasted dozens, most of them old and unable to move fast.
  2. joe33

    The who - who (album)

    Any other fans give it a listen yet ?, made 3 in the uk and 2 in usa charts, there best in 30 plus years......Not that they have released many albums in them years. Really digging it, at times very similar to there early stuff, also a few pete townsend epics on there for fans of the later stuff...
  3. joe33

    Eddie "The Beast" Hall vs Rhianon Lovelace Worlds strongest woman

    Interesting stuff, pound for pound she kind of beat them in most of the lifts....BUT hes not the same as he used to be, and dont think was really going for it. Any way its a cool video, and he took it well. Like his vids, he goes around every week or month to different people and trains with them.
  4. joe33

    First sub 2 hour marathon achieved

    Been done above so fuck it
  5. joe33

    Rugby World Cup 2019 Thread

    No one has done one I see, I have had a lot off issues I have been trying to sort out so don't post at all here any more. Apologies if I posed shite recently. But fuck it I thought I would do one for this. Ireland just dominated Scotland in a game I thought would be tighter. Ire look very good...
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    Fuck me the HBO mini series is hard to watch, chilling beyond words but so well made. Bloody communists were crazy. Most western workers if your boss asked you to stare into a blown up fucking nuclear reactor to see the damage would have left the building sharpish. The miners and the killing the...
  7. joe33

    Hisashi Ouchi.......jesus wept So been watching Chernobyl and wow its been amazing, so well done. Any way somehow while looking on goggle for some more background i came across...
  8. joe33

    James Corden James Corden ask me anything...
  9. joe33

    John ford

    Christ ford was some director. For me this one scene still is more chilling then any modern film filled with gore. This is terrifying knowing you are going to die, and prob be brutally slaughtered and your women raped....classy as fuck. The way he built up the atmosphere is just superb. He by...
  10. joe33

    Alexandria ocasio-cortez

    What do you all think of her ?. I see the republicans saying she is dumb as fuck, while others on the dems side say she is the future of America, and is only getting so much hate because she scares them. I read that Nancy Pelos has rubbished to friends her recent green deal, which does not look...
  11. joe33

    Six Nations 2019

    No idea if this is here somewhere, and if so im sorry. Also cant see the rugby thread any more. Any way France last night had a good 16-0 lead only to do a typical of last decade French thing.....and lose. Fair play to Wales, but France should have built on that lead and one that one. Wales will...
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  13. joe33

    Dynamite kid

    Was never a fan of wrestling to much bullshit involved. BUT back in early 90s liked him and British bulldog as they were British lads. Multiple injuries and drugs killed him fairly young. Poor sod was in a awful state for years being in a wheelchair. Thats him and the British bulldog both dead...
  14. joe33

    Female sports presenters

    So im on lates at work, and cant watch the football, so got radio 5 live on. And they are going around the grounds as there is a lot of games on tonight. And there is at least 3 or so females reporting on the footie. The main girl is Kenny Dalglish's daughter Kelly so at least knows something...
  15. joe33

    Building new Gaming PC

    Ok so I like to game sometimes in my down time. But since I got married and moved to the isle of wight my spare money per month since I was at the airport has dropped a lot. I would never move back to mainland as I love it here, and love my wife dearly, we have a great lifestyle here. I have...
  16. joe33

    The Last Kingdom Netflix Season 3

    Any one else watching it ?. First two seasons were on bbc but they did not take up the third season due to prob having another shite fucking dance or cookery program to make. To be honest its brilliant on netflix, as the scope seems much bigger and epic....and gory. Me and the wife fucking love...
  17. joe33

    ANTIFA fucked up

    In portland by under 100 so called patriots lol, some great KO's. Why do the media make out they are Nazis though ?. Leaer of group is half japanese,. they have a well known samoan member and lots of non whites, they look more diverse then antifa to me. Lol also left wing women are noisy fucked...
  18. joe33

    Gareth Southgate - Burning vengence

    Picture the scene in Wembley euro 1996....a young southgate is in the changing room mulling over his missed penalty.....a burning rage is building as other players try and comfort him. He knows his football destiny is not to end like this. He wipes his face and vows with all his heart to make up...
  19. joe33

    ESPN Writer: nfl stars would dominate rugby Lol he reckons within a year if the top nfl stars trained to play rugby they would make other rugby country’s quit haha I love rugby and played for years to a decent level so know how...
  20. joe33

    Morgan Freeman a sex pest Damn it always liked him, oh well hope its all bullshit...............but mud sticks