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  1. aliwasthegreatest

    Was that dude that other dude?

    Was John Demjanjuk that Ivan the Terrible mawfucker? What say you homies?
  2. aliwasthegreatest

    The Confession Killer

    This Netflix series about Henry Lee Lucas is really good. What do you fucks make of the case? Have you watched it yet? Do you plan to? Is this a really cool thread I've made about something?
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    CHB Doctors

    My left knee feels absolutely shot. I can't run. It hurts a lot of the time. Walking downstairs hurts worse than walking upstairs. It clicks a little when it gets extended all the way. The pain is located on the very bottom tip of the knee cap, I assume it's where the ligament attaches to...
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    Strong Dog Toy?

    So I have a 5-year-old American Bulldog that I really need to get some kind of toy. A Kong almost killed him when he destroyed it in about an hour and swallowed one of the small pieces as it got stuck in his intestine. I'd really like something that can keep his interest while I'm not at home...
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    Dave Chappelle is a genius

    Wasn't sure what thread this would be best for. His newest standup dropped on Netflix and it's fucking hilarious.
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    SpaceX Starhopper performing test at 5pm CST It is the rocket intended for Mars colonization. Performing a 500ft hover in a few minutes.
  7. aliwasthegreatest

    Wheel of Time main cast is....cast What does everyone think? Will the series live up to its literary counterpart?
  8. aliwasthegreatest

    Favorite subject or era in history, and things you would like to know more about.

    I absolutely love learning about the ancient world, especially the Greeks, and the bits and pieces we can learn about the great Persians. Hardcore History did a great series on the Persians, and I was spellbound by the bits about Cyrus the great. I would LOVE to understand Chinese history...
  9. aliwasthegreatest

    What was the quantum leap in civilization?

    What was the development that allowed some cultures to overtake others in terms of technological development and sophistication? What was not in North America that kept the indigenous tribes at the technological levels where they were? Was it the development and spread understanding of iron...
  10. aliwasthegreatest

    Canadian Border Help

    So I was convicted of a DUI about 3 years ago. That makes me ineligible to cross the Canadian border. Being that I'd love to plan a Canadian trip, I was wondering if you guys know of any fairly easy and painless ways of getting that status revoked, so that I can do what the fuck I want...
  11. aliwasthegreatest

    Good (cheap) gaming PC with room for upgrades?

    I let myself fall far behind in my knowledge of modern gaming PCs. I swore it would never happen, and of course, it did. Some games are coming out that I want to be able to play. I don't much care about being able to play these games on high end settings, but I want to be able to play them...
  12. aliwasthegreatest

    New Anxieties

    Tomorrow I go to a career forum with the intention of securing an internship that would very very likely lead to a permanent position and change of career. Ive never been anxious about interviews. Ive always been fairly charming and quick on my feet. No technical knowledge needed, almost...
  13. aliwasthegreatest

    Upstairs is too hot

    Old house, good HVAC system, temperature right downstairs, hot as balls upstairs. Vents are between first and second floor. I've tried closing/stuffing them. Outside of major investments, what's an fairly easy fix? Just dont wanna sweat balls
  14. aliwasthegreatest

    What is something that you wish you were good at?

    I wish I could write fiction worth a fuck. Like even worth the slightest fuck. I can do any other type of writing fairly well(not forum posting obviously) but I just cannot write fiction for even the slightest sliver of the smallest fuck. What are some things that you wish you were good at?
  15. aliwasthegreatest it moral?

    In the tradition or moralman the's a thread. Is it?
  16. aliwasthegreatest

    The Walking Dead Season 8 Thread

    Gentlemen..... the time is here. It's season 8
  17. aliwasthegreatest

    Looking to trade in my car

    I have a big American Bulldog and my sedan ain't cutting it in making room for the guy. Leaning toward a forester, but having trouble deciding. I'm not trying to spend much at all.
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    Dave Chappelle is still the best

    New specials out on Netflix. He is still the best thinker in standup IMO. Great stuff
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    People you find to be brilliant that you disagree with.

    This is more an excuse to make a thread about something I'm thinking about, but give me some examples(if you please). I'll give as an example, Professor Jordan Peterson. I agree with him on a vast number of points, but he is a bit more supernaturally inclined than I find rational. His...
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    Thank You, CHB

    Wanted to thank you all. I know exactly the sort of reaction this thread will get, but thank you all. I have some rough days since Iraq. that isn't likely to change, but this place really does lighten me up during rough times. Thanks, you fucks. Sincerely