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  1. Deviant

    Coltrane v Davis

  2. Deviant

    Can Bloomberg become the Democratic nominee?

    I don't see the point to it either. None of them are going to budge an inch on any issue and the constant spamming, shit slinging and arguing isn't swaying any casual observers. When I look in those threads and see it I immediately think of that meme where "There's someone on the internet who's...
  3. Deviant

    Who is going to be the Democrat nominee in 2020?

    Until a couple of BLM chicks get pissed and rush the podium. Then he turns cuck and shits himself.
  4. Deviant

    Official NFL 2019 season thread

    I hold you in extremely high esteem, fella. I just thought you needed to know that.
  5. Deviant

    Las vegas

    This mindset is mystifying to me. Especially for someone your age. You speak (or write) several languages and can carry on an intelligent conversation on several subjects so you're obviously a fairly bright person. Yet, you allow yourself to be drug into childish shit like this. I agree with...
  6. Deviant

    Las vegas

    Do you honestly expect someone to catch a plane across the fucking Atlantic in order to fight you? Do you not see how fucking ridiculous that sounds?
  7. Deviant

    If the purge was real which forum member would you kill?

    I'm killing Knox Harrington. Unless someone else beat to it. If so then I'm laying some of that Holy Spirit Resurrection Holy Water on his ass and then murdering him all over again. Nothing personal.
  8. Deviant

    Official NFL 2019 season thread

    Titans Dbacks have better hands than the Ravens receivers.
  9. Deviant

    RIP Neil Peart

  10. Deviant

    What keeps you coming back to CHB?

    The reasoned and respectful exchange of ideas and opinions concerning politics. The articulate and thought provoking solutions offered up for global issues such as overpopulation. Especially the contributions from our Dutch members. The "What's For Dinner Tonight" thread.
  11. Deviant

    Greatest voice ever

    Men: Freddie Mercury, legend. Waylon Jennings, out of left field with this pick but I thought he had a great voice. Roger Daltrey, massive fan of this guy. Women: Whitney Houston, not much left to say, she was supremely gifted. Roberta Flack, I would pay to listen to her read the nutritional...
  12. Deviant

    Do you put sauce on your steak?

    I love this stuff on my burgers.
  13. Deviant

    Do you put sauce on your steak?

    I season my steak with a little pepper before grilling but that's it. My wife and son like sautéed mushrooms and onions on theirs.
  14. Deviant

    Greatest voice ever

    Where's GG Allin?
  15. Deviant

    Does Anyone Know Any "Crazy Conspiracy" People In Real Life?

    My sister in law is all in on chemtrails. She ties everything that happens throughout each day to them. She is a nice person and pretty reasonable on everything else but she has lost the plot when it comes to those things . Her husband says that she will go long stretches at a time where she...
  16. Deviant

    Pay attention commoners

    An old biddy with some sweet tittays!