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  1. nezy37

    Anthony bourdain is dead Committed suicide apparently. Sucks, I really enjoyed his work
  2. nezy37

    F1 2017

    Well race fans 2 races in so what are your thoughts? Like the new cars? Ferrari looks for real to me what do you think? Is Max going to emerge as the clear number 1 over Ricardo at Red Bull? Australia was a bore fest but I thought there was enough racing in China for me to like the new...
  3. nezy37

    Ferrari to use dodge engine in new 488 speciale

    Seems that the fiat Chrysler group understands where the best power comes from. The 707 HP dodge hell cat power plant. Full story here
  4. nezy37

    So how many years until football begins to be dropped out of high schools??? So randel-El says he is having trouble walking down stairs and wished he had played baseball instead. I don't see anyway football remains in high school for much longer, especially in states where no one gives a...
  5. nezy37

    Any Skiers/Snowboarders here?

    Here is some preseason stoke for you Got the itch. Its almost time gentlemen. Any of you going anywhere...
  6. nezy37

    Anyone been watching the mlb playoffs?

    No threads so I thought I'd throw one up as the Royals have their backs to the wall tonight. The nuts was a great series. Kc surprised me as they have maintained a high level of play despite being red hot through the ds and cs series. I'm an nl guy, I like San francisco enough but how can...
  7. nezy37

    old games site just stumbled into this. So many old games, so much fun, bringing back memories of hours lost as a kid. Now I will not sleep tonight....
  8. nezy37

    Alex Zanardi is one amazing individual... The guy lost his legs in a crash in 2001. Being in unbelievable condition is the only thing that saved his life due to loss of blood. Since then he has recovered to drive...
  9. nezy37

    Get ready for prohibition part duex Alcohol kills one person every 10 seconds worldwide: WHO "More needs to be done to protect populations from the negative health consequences of alcohol consumption," Oleg Chestnov of the WHO's...
  10. nezy37

    With balls this large... cameraman has cojones the size of bowling balls. Incredible shot he got
  11. nezy37

    Millenials not interested in Driving From teens with drive, we turn now to young people who have no interest in driving. This is National Bike to Work Day, and a substantial number of millennials choose bikes or public transportation or their feet to get around...
  12. nezy37

    Man goes apeshit in car in LA How does this story not come up on here The man who authorities say plowed his car into a crowd of people on the famed Venice Beach boardwalk — killing a...
  13. nezy37

    San Francisco Plane crash pilot names hoax

    old I know, haven't seen it posted though.
  14. nezy37

    The Car Sound Thread

    race cars, street cars, whatever. If it sounds awesome post it here. Surprised this hasn't been done before. Love this car, maybe the best I've ever heard in person. Only problem is that it's relatively quite so it gets drowned out probably the...
  15. nezy37

    noob here

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this site and just wanted to be an attention whore so that everyone knew that I was the new guy. No I don't have tits, No I wouldn't fuck my clone, yes I would piss in Lala Ali's ass, No you can't see pictures of my girlfriends tits, and no I wouldn't suck the venom...