• CHB will be closing down as of 31st July 2021. It's been a brilliant experience to run the website for the past 9 years, however it's time for me to move onto different projects. Thanks to every single person involved, from staff, former staff, posters old and current. All support means more than anyone knows. Thanks for your understanding.
  1. dabeast

    Boxing Film - Fighting Wild

    A short film coming soon to help promote a feature film. Synopsis A story of love and responsibility between out of shape veteran boxer Tony Wild and his nine year old daughter Sasha. Against the wishes of his old friend and trainer Stan, Tony steps into the ring once again for an unlicensed...
  2. dabeast

    Boxing Film, Fighting Wild trailer

    Would just like to share this trailer with you all for promotional Short film Fighting Wild. The production Company will be seeking investment to make the feature film Sasha Wild which is centred around Boxing and MMA. Official Trailer - Fighting Wild - Movie A story of love and responsibility...
  3. Pedderrs

    Your Top 10 Horror Films of all Time

    With Halloween fast approaching, why not discuss your favourite horror movies of all time? And when @turbotime inevitably rolls up to ridicule you for listing The Exorcist, a genre masterpiece, you have my permission to tell him to fuck off. @Penis Face Cat Funeral @Hands of Iron @Matty lll...
  4. Boxed Ears

    SNV's Sanctioned GTMSBT: An Open Filmic Warrior Competition: a.arthur.h Gets Double Jeopardy (1999)!

    As opposed to other threads that are not my official one. In the original post, I shall keep track of who guesses my stills first. I will keep track of the points, should this thread not die a terrible, premature death. The points are completely worthless, as is this thread. This is about...