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  1. Boxed Ears

    Rate this trailer for Nobody/Bob Odenkirk film

    Objectively: Subjectively: How's it grabbing you?
  2. Boxed Ears

    Are you more likely to enjoy boxing movies than nonfans?

    I have watched thousands of boxing matches. I assume several of you have as well, but at least hundreds would probably be typical. I've followed boxing for more years than I care to admit (I think I first saw it in a cave). Contrast that with having maybe never sat through an entire professional...
  3. Ramon Rojo

    Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard

    Who do you believe is right? I have hard time believing Amber Heard's side of the story. None of the Johnny's other ex's have accused him of domestic abuse.
  4. Broxi

    Peter Jacksons : They Shall Not Grow Old.. (remastered & coloured WW1 footage)

    Cinema Release Date: 16th October 2018 I am really looking forward to this one, they have fixed the video speed to replicate how they would actually been moving and the colouring of the video looks almost perfect. I loved the old WW2 in colour video but this looks on another level still...
  5. Felix

    Classic film soundtracks/themes

    I was trawling through a bunch of stuff the other day and found an old Empire magazine cover CD with tracks like the Jaws theme, Barber's Adagio for strings, and various other bits of cinematic scores, and it made me think about really memorable, classic scores. Not the whole things, but stuff...
  6. Boogle McDougal

    What are the worst movies you've ever seen?

    Let's talk about bad movies. I've seen my share, and then some. There are many different kinds of "bad." In fact, bad can be quite good. However, sometimes bad is just plain bad. Sometimes it's even worse. Please share your opinions, and video evidence where possible. I'll start by...
  7. Boxed Ears

    SNV's Sanctioned GTMSBT: An Open Filmic Warrior Competition: a.arthur.h Gets Double Jeopardy (1999)!

    As opposed to other threads that are not my official one. In the original post, I shall keep track of who guesses my stills first. I will keep track of the points, should this thread not die a terrible, premature death. The points are completely worthless, as is this thread. This is about...