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    Are you more likely to enjoy boxing movies than nonfans?

    I have watched thousands of boxing matches. I assume several of you have as well, but at least hundreds would probably be typical. I've followed boxing for more years than I care to admit (I think I first saw it in a cave). Contrast that with having maybe never sat through an entire professional...
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    Is it just me or is this an awe-striking truth about what's going on in boxing right now?

    Literally, every fighter who fights my favorite fighters ends up being like WAY BETTER than I knew they were before I knew they were going to fight my favorite fighters! This has been true over the past few years now, I've noticed. They all turn out to be LITERAL LEAGUES better than they were...
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    When was the last time someone tried to scam you?

    What was the scam? Wuhappun?
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    SNV's Sanctioned GTMSBT: An Open Filmic Warrior Competition: Boogle McDougal Gets Road House (1989)!

    As opposed to other threads that are not my official one. In the original post, I shall keep track of who guesses my stills first. I will keep track of the points, should this thread not die a terrible, premature death. The points are completely worthless as is this thread. This is about...