1. Boxed Ears

    Get A Like Now: Here Are The Rules

    Post one boxing GIF you like because you think it's funny, and one that you like for any different, separate reason. There must be two GIF's. Two. Do not force my hand on this issue. I will like your comment. Whether you wish to elaborate on your GIF choices is your business until you make it...
  2. Boxed Ears

    I believe it's finally all coming down (politics)

    I have known it was coming for a long time and have tried to raise the bells on this. Investigation and infiltration at the highest levels to bring down Epstein's ring and collusion at the highest levels of government and state with the media and the DNC. The Catholic church, the FBI...
  3. Boxed Ears

    If you could read the mind of any three fighters of any era...?

    Who would they be- and maybe why? The mind: Memories, reasoning, sensations, everything in there, all yours. Please note: This would hypothetically be with their permission. This scenario does not endorse mental rape via any form of preternatural ability or technological advancement.
  4. Boxed Ears

    GTMSBT (RBR!) Shawn Pence Junior VS Earl Potter (RBR)

    You shouldn't have to leave the lounge to see the one in the boxing forum of the world forum of boxing forum.
  5. Boxed Ears

    Is it just me or is this an awe-striking truth about what's going on in boxing right now?

    Literally, every fighter who fights my favorite fighters ends up being like WAY BETTER than I knew they were before I knew they were going to fight my favorite fighters! This has been true over the past few years now, I've noticed. They all turn out to be LITERAL LEAGUES better than they were...
  6. Boxed Ears

    When was the last time someone tried to scam you?

    What was the scam? Wuhappun?
  7. Boxed Ears

    Which do you consider the better comedy sketch?

    And would Jesus approve of it? A: The Pepper Boy Sketch (SNL) B: The I'll Marry Your Stupid Ass Sketch (Mr. Show)
  8. attaboi

    Trump tells Putin to pull his troops out of Venezuela

    Thwarting Washington's sponsored coup d'etat is becoming Putin's favorite pastime nowadays it seems. From Ukraine (partly successful) to Syria and now Venezuela, Putin can't stop putting a wedge between Washington's grand scheme to asset it's global hegemony...
  9. attaboi

    Trump order's Mattis to leave his post by January.

    In a sorry attempt to up one on James Mattis, Trump order's the former defense secretary to pack his shit and leave his post by Jan, 1st. At this rate and in the unceremonious manner Trump is...
  10. attaboi

    Saudi Arabia vows to respond if hit with sanction for the disappearance of Saudi born Journalist Jamal

    The United States has been in bed with the Saudis for far to long. This relationship has become so complicated that Washington at this point does not know how respond to Ryaid for the probable death of khashoggi without implicating itself. Like previous American presidents Bush I and II, Trump...
  11. H

    Bannon Unleashed

    So it begins..less than 1 year into his presidency, Trump has purged all campaign staff from his WH and filled it with globalists, bankers and war hawks. It's looking more and more like the other side of the trick Clinton coin is emerging...
  12. Felix

    A new low: Trump sued for blocking potentially trans, ethnic minority Twitter users.

    I know there's a thread for all the stupid SJW shit but this I felt needed a bit more attention: "A group of Twitter users has sued Donald Trump and two White House communication aides for...
  13. homebrand

    Report: Trump Admin Preparing to Strike North Korea if Nuclear Test Occurs

    Analysts believe that North Korea is “primed and ready” to carry out a nuclear test based on satellite images but that they would not be capable of enacting a full-scale nuclear attack. Nevertheless, the country’s state broadcasters declared the country “would hit the U.S. first” with nuclear...
  14. H

    Trump just another insider.

    Ok, so I felt strongly about this prior to the election results but man do I wish I was wrong. The ousting of Stephen Bannon from the NSC is to me the death knell in any hopes of Trump being an outsider. That coupled with the increasing rhetoric aimed at NK and the ongoing involvement in Syria...
  15. MichiganWarrior

    CSPAN poll: Historians rank Obama 12th in president ranking

    Just weeks after leaving the White House, President Barack Obama ranks as the 12th best U.S. president overall in a new poll of historians conducted by C-SPAN ahead of Presidents Day. It's the first time Obama was eligible for the Presidential Historians Survey, which asked 91 historians to...
  16. Felix

    Trump's travel ban pulls up U.S. athlete at customs...

    ...only it didn't really. She was stopped for a routine check in December. While...the other guy was still in office. Still, didn't stop the press having a field day. The athlete, Ibtihaj Muhammad, gave an interview about a week ago in which she said: "I was held at customs for two hours just...
  17. MichiganWarrior

    Meanwhile in Russia: Putin decriminalizes domestic violence

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed off on a law that partially decriminalizes domestic abuse, a measure that sailed easily through the country’s socially conservative legislature despite pushback from women’s- and children’s-rights advocates
  18. RFOfficial


    All the well-educated states of US voted for Hillary while while all the illiterate states did for Trump.... I believe Trump doesn't have the ability to be a good leader.... :conf
  19. MichiganWarrior

    The Trump Cabinet Thread

    Leading off the cabal of winners is Myron Ebell Myron Ebell serves as the Director of Global Warming and International Environmental Policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute(CEI).[2] He is also the chairman of the Cooler Heads Coalition, a coalition built to "question global warming...