Discussion “If Khan doesn’t fight Brook, people in this country will always say: ‘You ducked Kell Brook.’ - Hearn

Jun 6, 2013
I am subscribed to hatman but never heard this one. Not that I care if brook is gay or not. Infact it would add to the hilarious khan meltdown if he got KO'd by brook who then came out as gay considering the stick he's given him about the ridiculous rumours and the fact he's Muslim and would probably be disowned for losing to a homosexual.
Hatman has a patreon page where uploads podcasts that because of their content can't go on YouTube.

Recently he did one where he talked about the rumours about Brook and Khan's comments. In the podcast he played a Whatsapp audio message that someone whom is clearly from Sheffield and has insider knowledge sent to him. In the clip the person alleges he and several friends all socialise in the same circles as Kell and he's seen a lot of stuff.

He alleges he's physically seen Brook kissing a guy who has a reputation in the city as a gangster. That the entire Ingle gym knows Brook is into men but they don't say anything. That Brook told Johnny Nelson's wife that he hates living a lie and she and Johnny have known for years he's secretly gay when and he (the alleger) was at their house doing some work forn them one time he brought the subject up they started laughing, surprised that he knew about it. That Brook parties hard even to this day, goes missing for days at a time and doesn't tell his wife where he goes because she calls around looking for him. That the stabbing incident happened because Brook met a guy in a bar, ditched the lads he was out with to go back to this guys flat with the intention of scoring some coke but the guy wanted sex first.

Dunno what I make of it all but Hatman certainly thinks the anonymous guy who sent him the WhatsApp audio saying all this has credibility. I honestly don't care if Brook is gay, I don't anyone does really. It's just it would explain a lot. Why Khan despises him so much and won't risk losing to him. Why he won't ever give details about the stabbing. Why Hearn has hinted about him having lifestyle issues in the past. It's all very dark.
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