“Windy Training Gloves Review”


I can say these are a good pair of sparring gloves, however I highly recommend using them for training and not for sparring, these have an awesome performance on heavy bags and on the other side they´re not quite good for speedbag training. I`ve been using these pairs of gloves for a long time and they`re still in awesome conditions. About the design they`re 100% made from high-quality leather from Thailand and they have double stitching which makes them look like a high-quality glove. About performance they`ve got multi-layered foam padding for better striking and attached thumbs which are great if you have long thumbs, they also have convenient hook & loop closures which provide great wrist support. They`re a pretty good pair of gloves and your hands will get used to them pretty quickly.


The hook & loop closure is pretty long compared to other brands and can be uncomfortable for your wrist if you`ve got large hands. They are also a tight-fit glove which makes you unable to open your hand wearing it, this is good if you want to use them for boxing but not good if you want to use them to practice some Muay Thai.