250 dollar or euro reward

Jul 29, 2012
I’m not fucking around if I even start to get some dumb shit in the mail by way of doxxed...

i’ll get To the bottom of this and have both Oth and CHB shut down.

deebo, you’re a fuckin idiot for posting addresses.

It hasn’t been fucking games..

tell your OTH boys to go fuck right back off..
What did you think would happen when you started acting stupid? When has Junior ever struck you as a stable or rational fella, and you kept egging the situation on? Fuck off, Doby.


Toxic White Male
May 8, 2013
In a deplorable basket
Why should i ? My wife doesn’t touch my laptop...
And the nerdy guy working for me has his own computers and stuff
And he's got Telnet access to your equipment because he's a nerd. So he's watching you whenever he wants; looking at your history at his leisure and hiding foul porn in hidden folders and directories for when you piss him off so he can report you. Got you over a barrel. :lol: