911 - it is the 19th anniversary


Bosomus Maximus
Jun 14, 2012
Hellish day and week. I was auditing at a motel in Vermont and businessmen who stayed the night and were scheduled to be in the WTC that day were in the lobby frantically squabbling on their phones. Others had checked in the night before after having been in the WTC on 9/10.

The next day, when no aircraft were supposed to be flying, some idiot buzzed a plane over a local nuclear power plant while a newscaster was broadcasting live.

For weeks after, I was checking in hacking and coughing New Yorkers looking to get away for some fresh air, telling them that the Cartoon Network was on Channel 54 in their rooms, the only one out of 126 cable channels which wasn't broadcasting continuous coverage of the aftermath. I've wondered ever since how many of them have survived all that lethal asbestos dust they inhaled.

We'll never know what the true death toll is in NYC from all that shit those millions of people inhaled, but it continues to rise, whether they're formally identified or not. Short term exposure to low levels of asbestos can have lethal long term consequences, and what happened on 9/11 was infinitely worse. 2,753 is "only"
the official number of deaths.

Before disco singer Donna Summer died of lung cancer in May 2012 at age 63, she expressed the theory that, being a nonsmoker, the long term exposure to toxic fumes and dust she inhaled from the 9/11 attacks are what actually killed her. Based on what I witnessed through the late summer and autumn of 2001, checking New Yorkers into non smoking rooms who were hacking and coughing weeks and even months after those attacks, I believe there's some veracity to claims like that. I liken what happened in New York on 9/11 to Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the sense that people who were there continue to die long after from exposure to what was inhaled then.

Asbestos in talcum powder has been found to cause cervical cancer, talcum power which was processed and produced in NYC. How did asbestos get in those products? It was used in the construction of the WTC up to the 40th floors. That was toxic dust which flew all over and settled down everywhere in that area.

In a social sense, the 20th Century ended that day, and the 21st Century and new millennium really began.

Condolences to @Goat as always...
Jun 12, 2012
I totally missed the whole 9/11 aftermath. I was stationed in Kosovo and after seeing the planes hit the towers, they cut off our tv. Had like 8 hrs of guard duty, 8 hours of patrols and check points and a few hours of maintenance each day. Got maybe 4 hrs of sleep each day for a month. Shit job and shit pay. Found a loophole in my contract that was intended to screw us over but in this situation it actually helped me and so I quit. My company was later sent to Iraq on a clusterfuck mission. Glad I go out when I did. But hey, at least our prime minister at the time, later got the NATO general secretary jobs for kissing Bush Jr.'s ass.

DB Cooper

peel me a grape
May 17, 2013
Totally, now I get why all the violence, they can't figure out the Quran was about a whole different time and world, they think things haven't changed.

Obviously the Quran was a man made book no different than a Homer, all total BS.
Ironically the Bible was also about a whole different time and world.
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Bosomus Maximus
Jun 14, 2012
The Bible doesn't talk about violence every third page.

Give me a page number and I'll prove it.
Albert Speer detailed how Hitler lamented the "womanish" weakness of Christianity after meeting with an Arab delegation, and Hitler speculated that the Third Reich might have prevailed in WW II with a population of Islamized Germans after the racially superior Aryans had eventually driven the Moorish invaders out of Germany following a Christian defeat at Tours. (Hitler would have been stunned that Iran's Aryans failed to defeat Iraq's Arabs during their eight year war of the 1980's.)
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No Lives Matter, Sorry
Jul 24, 2012

The Antifa Bae

Talking about that time "some people did something" - Ilhan Omar


Bosomus Maximus
Jun 14, 2012
Have the Yanks stopped the annual ritual of reading out all the names?
No, and they likely won't stop for years.

They did it yesterday. That event was too intimate, directly affecting too many lives for this ritual to be abandoned as long as a majority of survivors remain. (Keep in mind that many of the direct responders are still in uniform.)
Jan 13, 2020
Lol what? Have you read the Old Testament? The story of Samson is the original 9/11 story.
Have you read the Quran, how many times is punish mentioned? How many times is what will happen to you if you dis Allah is mentioned? It's all over the place. Fires, all these forms of pain unless you do as told.