Acceptable undercard for Haye v Fury

Jun 6, 2012
Camden, London
Haye vs Fury will cost a lot to put on, the undercard will be as cheap as possible in order for Eddie to maximise his profits. Quigg, Rose and Eubank Jr (due to him being with Mick) against fairly cheap opposition is what I can see. Maybe Lee Purdy vs someone from up north too


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May 31, 2012
Greater London
David Haye vs Tyson Fury
George Groves vs James DeGale
Scott Quigg vs Yoandris Salinas
Kid Galahad vs James Dickens
Chris Eubank Jr vs TBA
Hughie Fury vs TBA
Anthony Joshua vs TBA
Callum Smith vs TBA
Thomas Stalker vs TBA
Martin J Ward vs TBA


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May 31, 2012
If Froch gets stripped then Groves vs DeGale makes sense on this card. Quigg vs Salinas as well. If we get those 2 plus the main event I'd be happy.
Jun 7, 2013
you admit to being Craney91 and the finally accept that fight you challenged me to last year.
How can I be craney? When I've said to you earlier that several people used the account on ESB? And I don't believe craney challenged you to a fight, but he did challenge Paulie to a fight/or it was the other way around?

I can't remember for certain, but I remember reading it.

I dont want to know what you would be happy/content with regards the card, I want to know what you want.


Jun 6, 2012
Seems to me that it is pretty unlikely for Degale to be on this, I'm assuming he will have a Channel 5 date.

Quigg-Salinas would already be an upgrade on the last PPV for me. It does seem to me that Sky see the PPV formula as being focus on a 2-3 fights and we'll use spare time during the show to hype the main event as opposed to having a couple of competitive area title fights untelevised to slip in later.

With that in mind, I'd Quigg as your semi main and then 3rd from top I'd try to focus on the lightweight division because they deliver action and you can make so many fights for those guys going forward if they gain some popularity from being on the bigger show. If possible, I'd try to do Crolla-Mathews 3
Jun 10, 2012
is this Salinas any good ?
I know he is Cuban so technically should be sound and move well on back foot
Jun 9, 2012
problem for hearn is, haye is the big attraction and haye knows it, he hardly going to let eddie eat into his earnings to bring the fans a huge card, hes proven as much on his own dismal undercards