Adam Kownacki vs Dominic Breazeale in Play for March 7

Kownacki vs Breazeale Who Wins & How,

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Aug 28, 2014
Good fight, think Breazeale takes it not sure Kownacki has the power to hurt him and with the height and reach he should be able to catch Kownacki coming in, Kownacki is so limited hes a loss waiting to happen when he steps up
Jun 6, 2013
A very good fight, though somewhat inconsequential in the big picture.

I still hold hopes of Breazeale doing something siginificant. He has the raw talent, just seems to have problems in his head. His brilliant performance against Ugonoh shows what he capable of, at his best. (As do several earlier fights)

Kownacki will NEVER be a great fighter, due to his not even being able to spell the word "defense." However, he comes at you like a bull in a china shop, and is very dangerous in the early rounds.

Brezealle is of course the slowest starter in all of boxingdom, so that's a very bad combination for him.
If he can weather the early storm, then control Kownacki & finally take him out, it will certainly put him back into the big picture. - A couple more nice paydays for a life's hard work.

It should be a very entertaining fight.
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Jul 6, 2019
As said above, it's of little consequence, but would be great fun.

I think Breazeale can win, but he needs the stoppage. He won't outwork Konwacki, and he won't get any favours from the judges.

He could stop him though. Brezeale is a big lump and Konwacki is very open.
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Jun 4, 2013
Breazeale will get outworked into a UD stoppage. I think his only chance is to outright stop Kownacki in a fire-fight, ala Breazeale/Ugonoh.
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