Adonis Stevenson in medically induced coma

DB Cooper

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May 17, 2013
"I have conversations with Adonis in the same manner that I've had before his accident. He moves on his own, he eats well. He spends weekends at home. What I am told is that there is still room for improvement, but he is very, very well supervised with therapy when it comes to his memory and on the physical side. He's doing good."

"His recovery is beyond anything I could ever think of after seeing him in a coma in Quebec."
Jun 7, 2013
Trying to reduce swelling in his brain. It shocked me when I read it. I guess I didn't expect it.

On a side note: That ref was horrible. Gvozdyk was held up by the ropes from Stevenson's signature left but no knockdown given ffs.
Weird to see a killing machine like him in this postition, usually you'd assume it'd be his opponent in this dilemma. This sad story has a Gerald McClelland vibe to it all


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Jun 11, 2013
'Straya, cunt.
Sounds like he’s making a good recovery. Regardless of what he’s done in the past, nobody deserves that, especially with a young family to bring up.
Erm, those girls will be fucked up for life, he had played a part in destroying the entire adult lives of several unwitting human beings for his own selfish gain, I don’t like to see this happen to any fighter, even Stevenson given his background, however, he has, and still will have, a far more ‘charmed’ life than those girls. Karma’s a bitch.
Jun 7, 2013

The doctor makes a good point towards the end of his statement - that the media should be cautious about distributing medical information that does not come from an official medical source. Likewise, we here shouldn't be jumping to conclusions.
HIPAA, I'm a bit upset that their harassing the care takers for information. I understand that people have a job, but this condition is going to affect his every day life. Let him heal in peace.
Jul 15, 2012
I'm sure he did, but he still looks great for what he's been through. I love how happy he looks. Reading about him coming home and remembering the kids is heart warming.

Happy about Zab Judah coming out on top too.