AJ being racist again

May 8, 2016
Yep that was to be expected word is some of his boys got slapped up. He changed his mind pretty quick.



Send your postcode and I will travel to fight you
Sep 2, 2014
Best call the protests off then. If you are already at the top, then you don't really need any reforms?

I know you are joking, but I honestly think all the racist jokes and baiting don't help anyone. That goes for all sides.
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Jul 7, 2015
No such thing as traditional British culture.

First off, Britain is made up of component parts each containing a mix of micro cultures. We do however have some cultural touchstones which we share to a greater or lesser extent.

Secondly, British culture has continually changed over time. Do you think roman, norman, Georgian, victorian, Edwardian, etc cultures were the same as the culture you hark back to?

I was born in the 80's, and our culture has changed in each of the subsequent decades. Some of these changes you will like, some you won't, but it has mainly been positive. It has also been driven by a lot of factors, of which immigration is one, but it's not the sole cause by any means.

Culture changes, it's the natural order of things. Otherwise we would still be living in caves in small groups of hunter gatherers.
Can't believe someone with access to the internet actually still believes what you were told on BBC newsround
Jul 7, 2015
Oliver Twist
Basically the most famous novel, play, musical etc in Britain. About a child in a workhouse.
I always ask liberals, were the people living in workhouses a slave or not?

I bet if Oliver will be changed to a BAME in the next theatrical or film incarnation
Jul 7, 2015
The easiest solution to all of this btw, is that all the BLM and apologists can go and live in one area, and then everyone else can live somewhere else. Then they can be free of white people and racists who systematically hold them down and hire a police force to hunt them down on a daily basis. I mean what else is it that they are campaigning for?

But we know they will never agree to that though since that story has been played out in Rhodesia, Detroit, Haiti, the list is endless. BLM and ANTIFA goals are the subjugation, slavery and extermination of White people
Jul 6, 2019
Can't believe someone with access to the internet actually still believes what you were told on BBC newsround
With regards to what?

Do you believe you share a culture with Jack the Ripper, Jane Austen, or King Canute?

Do you think the culture of a working class family in Dundee is the same as some made in chelsea person.
May 17, 2013
AJ is a cunt. Fury has said unwise things in the past, absolutely. But I'm finding AJ genuinely detestable. I was indifferent to him, now I find him to be, well, a cunt.