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Alex Jones: Fan or Not A Fan?

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May 17, 2013
The House that Peterbilt
You offer broken links and mags? GTFO, Slappy.

I posted evidence of what we all know

maybe you should,I dont know,read it?

you claimed Sandy Hook,among other tragedies,was a 'false flag'...............and when pressed,it was because you couldn't find pics of EVERY SINGLE EMPTY MAGAZINE

it was pathetic then

its MORE PATHETIC now to see you pretend otherwise

anyone with more patience than me can dig up more on the subject...............
Aug 2, 2013
Alex Jones already lost whatever kind of credibility he had. A lot of the things he warned us about that would happen under Bush 43 and Obama are happening under Trump but yet he still is willing to take orange cock up the ass. He’s actually worse than any right wing or left wing hack on cable news. Their devotion is to a party, Jones is to one man.