All of Haggis's posts summed up in five words

Jul 6, 2019
Yea, I was on the scene, I came here just cause it was smaller and you can actually interact on here without being drowned out by so many other posters, I noticed though in the boxing forum not much is going on but others have said it will pick up when more big fights come around. The lounge is okay here but most of the action is in the political threads, I don't know enough about politics and what is okay to say but I normally get my head chewed off by the posters I mentioned when I try to step in there and ask questions.
I joined here for similar reasons. I used to have an esb account, but I had less time then, and the amount of people was a bit off putting to me. I prefer smaller groups.

The boxing and British boxing forum were busier before the pandemic. Just another victim lost to covid.

There are people here who are happy to discuss things other than politics. Sport, sexy ladies, and military history go down well. (We have a very male energy :lol:)

A few folk in here are a bit rabid, and will jump to assumptions if you don't automatically agree with something they say. This is most noticeable in the American politics or race relations threads.

Don't take it to heart. Just do your own thing and you'll be grand.


Jul 17, 2012
South London
this must be a record for being sad as fuck with the alts. abraham and tony was bad, but it was somewhat funny, this is just fucking pathetic.


Breakin it down.
May 16, 2013
The tree outside GABBY'S room
So far he has been nice to me and never said anything bad. I know he might be hated by some with the political stuff but he does not seem to be an asshole or looking for trouble.

Johnstown has been a complete asshole to me. Sittin Sonny keeps accusing me of being Johnstown and him and the cokehead guy kept mocking my posts and calling me shit like Jay-z. The coke head sent me a PM yelling at me sayin I was talking bad about him in the thread where his brother or whatever was looking for him and accusing me of being Johnstown then kept sending PMs with pictures of dudes dicks. Johnstown kept start problems with me and saying I was fake, I answered all his stupid questions about Pittsburgh rappers and then started looking for stupid shit to accuse me of, I told him to stop hiding behind a computer and then he came up with this dumb ass logic that because I am 29 that no one my age never uses or owns a lap top and that I would only know what a phone is so therefore I am a fake. There is seriously some dumb and crazy people on here.
You need to ask @Medicine where he got the dick pictures from. :rofl
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May 16, 2013
All the Romanian women I have seen are fucking horrible.

Maybe that's just the ones that choose to infest my country.