Amateur, white collar or unlicensed?

Amateur, white collar or unlicensed?

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Apr 23, 2017
as a late starter to boxing I'm looking for advice on the best route for me in terms of training and competition, I'm 24 now but started at 21 boxing on the white collar circuit and had 3 fights in my first 6 months then got injured and have trained on and off since then, I've now decided I want to do things properly especially given my age so would like to carry on until I no longer can but I'm not sure which route to go down. There's plenty of white collar boxing around me but I'm not sure I want to be boxing in a head guard and 16oz gloves for the rest of my life on a platform where anyone can get involved and have a go, ideally I'd like to do things properly and get licensed as an amateur and box in the amateurs on a regular basis but it seems that in my area (bedfordshire) senior amateur boxing is a dying breed, I've been to gyms and it's mainly young lads sort of late teens early 20s in the lower weight classes, I'm 90kg when in shape but currently sitting at 97kg so there's never many lads my weight I can spar with which makes me question how I'd be able to find matches, also I've found that a lot of the trainers don't seem to take
ME seriously and they tend to focus on the younger lads which is fair enough if they've been there a while I just want the opportunity to compete. The other option is semipro/unlicensed but I've heard it can be a bit dodgy withmismatches and safety etc but I've been told if I find a decent promotion then it's a good platform and I could fight with no headgear and smaller gloves, in a nutshell I'm a 24 year old ladlooking for fights 90-100kg what's the best platform these days and is amateur an option?

Jack McW

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Nov 23, 2014
Amateur you can box until 40 so you have plenty of time to go at 24 mate.