Andy Ruiz Jr (WBA, IBF, WBO & IBO) vs. Anthony Joshua II - December 7th 2019

Ruiz Jr vs. Joshua Winner and How?

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Jul 6, 2019
The bloke isn’t a boxing fan at all, he’s just another fanboy, he wouldn’t know who Shane Mosley is, let alone his kryptonite Vernon Forrest, who likewise had Mayorga who he could never get over who, in turn, couldn’t beat Shane Mosley, Vernon Forrest and Oscar DeLaHoya, who funnily enough couldn’t get a win over Shane Mosley... old mate the casual here wouldn’t recognise one of those names, and if he did he’d dismiss them as bums because, hey, they all have two losses to the same opponent, in some cases it’s a couple of opponents.
He is the gift that keeps on giving. (at least until AJ loses again).

Your post made me think, maybe Forrest should have retired after Mayorga. I mean, if he can't beat a smoker he must have been garbage.
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Jul 6, 2019
Well I'm glad you've all had a nice Sunday ripping it out of me as usual but I thought I would give it one last attempt to make things clear...

Good for the Sport ? That is clearly your opinion. I could easily argue that AJ had a similar story, considering where he started? I am not budging that I don't believe it is good for Boxing or any sport to have any figurehead who isn't giving the impression that they're elite in everything they do including physical prep.

I don't deny Ruiz won, he clearly won the fight. I argue with the reason you all believe it's because AJ is shit and I suggest that AJ got rash, Ruiz got a luckily placed shot and then capitalised on it brilliantly. I don't expect the same mistakes in Dec and that's why I think AJ is the more likely winner.

If you expect me to Say Ruiz won because AJ is inherently worse, I'm not going to. If he loses in Dec then yes that's probably true and in that Case AJ has no place in the sport anymore.

Shows the level of AJ hate this one, You really believe a 53 yr old who hasn't fought for 16 years is better than someone who wa Unified champ 3 months ago? Lennox was brilliant in his time but he is an old man who couldn't beat any top tier fighter. Add to this he was Unified champ? He held more belts than anyone else and beat WK, Parker, Povetkin and Whyte? He was the best of his peers as much as it could be objectively judged, Wilder dodged him repeatedly and for most of his time at the top Fury was off drinking him self to 30 stone.

I'm basing that on EH's repeated statements. Before you all jump down my throat for being a "EH fanboy", why we he possibly lie about that? It makes him look bad (as it has) when he can't get the fight sorted to AJ's advantage.

He was the Unified champion with 3 of the 4 belts so he had the bargaining power? None of them had the same desire to be champ as AJ did when he fought Martin and pretty much gave him the entire purse to get the title shot! They all know they'll lose so they just claim they got crap deals even when they are offered $5-7m a fight which is usually 5x more than they have ever earnt before.

In terms of morals, AJ is a great turnaround story from his pre boxing days, showing that the sport can turn people heading into crime back to the straight and narrow. In terms of the racist nonsense, that was third hand BS story made up to slander him (probably by some of the people round here, as is the constant PED accusations with ZERO evidence!)

The SA fight is only there because Ruiz reneged and wouldn't fight in Cardiff. I'm ambivalent about whether it is a good thing to host events in those countries but it does highlight the issues and give it a higher profile so maybe it isn't a bad thing? I have seen all of AJ's fights and he has never acted improperly so I don't understand what you're on about there?

Yeh I think to sign a contract when you have been given a great opportunity and then down the line demand more just because things going well for you is shitty. It's not like Ruiz isn't going to make $15m plus out of these two fights even based on the original contract which is what more than 10x most of the posters on here will make in a lifetime! If he was being screwed for $100k or something I would agree it was unfair, but when you are being offered work for an 8 figure sum and then complaining and trying to screw over those who gave you the opportunity is pretty bad behaviour. Everyone on here seems to encourage it so I'm glad I'm not your Employers, Friends, Family etc as they better keep their wallets close to their chest!

I would understand that would be the case without a rematch clause! That is the whole point of having one. You think Ruiz won't have one if he beats AJ in his next fight? I would support whoever signs that honouring it too so this isn't just an AJ thing.

I'm not surprised by Ruiz's behaviour as people in general are shitbags but that doesn't mean I have to like it. I wouldn't act that way and never have as it is more important to me to respect my word and be honourable than screw people for an extra £$.

Well for one alot of them are disagreeing with me cause they enjoy it, but thats a different point. I have never said that I'm 100% certain AJ is the best or even that I'm 100% he will win the rematch. To be honest it is always a matter of opinion of what people prefer, it is clear that many around here dislike a polished, professional approach to the sport and that Ruiz or Fury who don't dot all those boxes are more there cup of tea.

I like AJ for many reasons but largely because he is a UK gold medallist who rose spectacularly and gave many fans a great thrill ride KO'ing guys for fun. I can't imagine I will ever enjoy a fight as much as the WK fight and Yeh the idea of him staying unbeaten and going on to capture all 4 belts was a great dream. Now it is really about get his dignity back first, if he doesn't then I guess most here will feel vindicated that they were right and I was wrong but I don't see it like that, it will just be sad that there will no more AJ nights at Wembley/Cardiff where those of his who enjoy watching him KO guys for fun.

It is clear to me that I'm out on my own on my opinion on this on this forum, many of you will take that as me being wrong but I think we should just agree that we see this differently as I we should all be able to see that you aren't going to convince me of your view and I'm not going to achieve the opposite. I think it makes sense for me not to post in this thread for a little while (unless we have some major developments?) as the arguments are getting pretty circular.
I have zero problem holding a different opinion to you, or anyone else for that matter. I will also often change my opinion if presented with new facts.

You however appear to be either to emotionally invested to think rationally, or just deliberately obtuse.

You will get exactly the same amount of Joshua like body types in football and cycling as you will Ruiz ones. Zero. They are both to big, even for sprint cycling.

That has no bearing on boxing however, you might as well say Ricardo Lopez was rubbish cause he can't pole vault.

You also continually ignore the high level sports where you do see people like Ruiz. Namely boxing, kickboxing, mma, rugby, American football, throwing and weightlifting.

Also, if your moral framework suggests it is OK for AJ to legally negotiate deals in his favour, but not OK for Ruiz to do the same, that is up to you.

Finally, if you have watched all of Joshua's fights you must have seen him hit downed opponents and taunt, stick his tongue out and talk smack to overmatched journeymen. (BTW, I don't care about that, but you seem to enforce very high moral standards on random sports people you don't know).
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Sep 22, 2014
yep, definitely 14.
Yeah I can’t help but come to the same conclusion, that this guy is very young. Hence the emotional outbursts.

Sorry @Ar558a I’m not gonna pile in on you anymore, your statement about if “7 billion people disagreed with you, there might be a few people you respect in that 7 billion so you’d be prepared to have a discussion about it, but there is no guarantee you’d change your opinion” says it all really.

I’m not saying having excess fat is ok in boxing, the facts speak for themselves, so they not? ie: Fat boy Ruiz beating Adonis Joshua proves that. It is the joys of the big boys, they come in all shapes and sizes!

Enjoy the build up to the fight, and some genuine advice, don’t take it so personally and don’t invest so much emotionally into the result. AJ isn’t done if he loses, it’s just Ruiz has maybe got his number? Doesn’t mean he couldn’t chin Wilder or Fury.
Aug 20, 2019
AJ will feed Ruiz the glove burrito he should have fed him in the first fight in the rematch. AJ KO4.
Jun 5, 2013
Ruiz countered beautifully, it was the third time he had seen AJ's combination back to back to back.

But what confuses me is how is AJ done? Fighters lose all the time and come back. Seems like you're not only an AJ fanboy but a fair weather one at that.

But how many fighters are the cash cow and face of the sport in a country? Once you are used to drinking champagne do you want to go back to Lambrini? AJ will have to rebuild and sit by while wilder, ruiz and fury duke it out at the top, will he want to be that patient and take the long road back when he has already made an absolute fortune?
Sep 22, 2014
But how many fighters are the cash cow and face of the sport in a country? Once you are used to drinking champagne do you want to go back to Lambrini? AJ will have to rebuild and sit by while wilder, ruiz and fury duke it out at the top, will he want to be that patient and take the long road back when he has already made an absolute fortune?
Being a complete cynic I think the plan from Hearn was to get Dillon’s Whyte into that mandatory position for the WBC, knowing Wilder would be tied up and then if Joshua lost to Ruiz again, throw a ton of money at him to take the Joshua rematch.

That way, if he beat Whyte again he’s positioned him back in the mix as WBC mandatory?
Jul 6, 2019
Nothing says humble like plastering your name and face all over something.

Is it just me, or does Joshua seem to be doing more media and adverts since the Ruiz loss?

I thought he might focus more on the boxing rather than the business side for now.
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Jul 6, 2019
great fight, cant wait! not sure what aj has to change the fact that ruiz seems to be a much better boxer than him. thats the bottom line for me.
Joshua needs to follow Ruiz' lead and get in decent fighting shape.

He's never going to win unless he cuts out the lean protein and starts tucking in to tacos, tostadoes, tamales, and tequila. It's the real diet of champions.