Andy Ruiz what now?

May 8, 2016
Twitter going really hard against Andy Ruiz... people are disappointed especially the mexicans by his admission that he did not train properly for this fight.

Before the was expected that even if he lost he might still get another huge paycheck in a third fight with AJ.

Plus there was two potential big fights with Wilder and Fury...waiting for him.

Dont think anyone wants to see him in any of those fights after today..!

Will he disappear into retirement?

Or is it back to fighting on the undercards? In the hope of landing a big fiight.
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DB Cooper

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May 17, 2013

Here is Manny Robles...
Robles came across as very honest. Mentioned a couple of small injuries, but the pertinent thing is where he says he was continually ringing Ruiz trying to get him to the come to gym.

Bottom line is, to give yourself the best chance of winning, you need to prepare well and plainly Ruiz didn't do that.
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Jun 6, 2013
He wont do much. He is back at the level he was before the first Joshua fight. So around Joseph Parker level.
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May 24, 2013
Back to life, back to reality. The party's over for Andy. He looked pathetic in the ring begging the rematch. It's sad but the graph's only headed in one direction now.
I'm no Roy Jones Jr - far from it - but I was embarrassed with Andy Ruiz Jr last night. If you stand to make millions on the world's stage at least make a fucking effort.

I refuse to call boxers bums because 99% of the population don't have the fucking cojones to get into a boxing ring in the first place, so those who do get my vote. Andy Ruiz Jr, however, looked like shit. His gut was bigger than most of the fellas who do twelve pints a day in my local. He had boobs bigger than most girls I've gone through. His game plan was shit. He was never in the game to be honest.

I wish him well and I hope he spends his millions wisely and sets himself and his family up...but don't fucking bother gracing us with your presence in a boxing ring again, please.
Dec 6, 2019
Maybe Ruiz next fight needs to be somewhere with bad food, supposedly Ruiz had been tucking in to that rich fatty saudi Lamb with spicy rice, plowing through it by the plateful.

Supposedly this was just breakfast

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May 26, 2018
Maybe Ruiz next fight needs to be somewhere with bad food, supposedly Ruiz had been tucking in to that rich fatty saudi Lamb with spicy rice, plowing through it by the plateful.

Supposedly this was just breakfast

That looks delicious...
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Jun 5, 2013
He can still get back to world title level, but something tells me Andy does not the drive or patience to start back at square 1 and make the sacrifices to get back to the top, now he has millions in the bank and a mansion.

If he doesnt get the trilogy fight with AJ, I see him riding off into the sunset
May 8, 2016
I am pretty sure he surprised himself when he won the first fight.

Just a fat, lazy kid who got lucky...Then went on the rampage like a lottery winner from the hood.

He has been lazy throughout his career. A few years ago was shipped of to train at Big Bear with Abel Sanchez away from distractions. That did not work.

His team hired Memo Heredia to get in shape that did not work

His present trainer wanted a 16 week closed training camp in Guadalajara..away from distractions that did not happen Andy Ruiz did not want that.

I doubt he comesback until he has gone through all his money...and has no choice.


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Mar 1, 2019
I think he made $20m last night, so probably best he retires. He's had his 15 mins of fame.
Jul 18, 2012
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Kind of crazy that he was so favoured over joshua on here now hes gotta retire, Id still be well up for watching him in any matchups against aggressive fighters

Dont see retirement at all with him blowing his money would guess he'll be fighting for ages
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Aug 4, 2012
There is enough PBC fighters around that would make for some fun fights, the fat pole, Brazil, Ortiz etc, maybe he gets lucky and the belts get split and he gets to fight for one again in a year or two.

Most importantly though he has to stay active, after his close and debatable loss to Parker in late 2016, he didn't fight in 2017 and in 2018 had 2 fights vs Journeymen, not sure if they were even televised, he fell off my radar for sure i completely forgot about him until i saw him on the under card of the Danny Garcia fight this year.

I have my doubts about him now, according to guys who have been part of his team throughout the years he has fucked up plenty of times in terms of lack of motivation/training, You would think after being world champion he would start taking this shit seriously but obviously not. I like his aggressive style though so hope to see him in some fun fights in the next few years but his career has been unpredictable to say the least.
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