Anthony Joshua vs Jarrell Miller MSG June DAZN

Joshua vs Miller Who Wins & How?

  • Miller Weighs less than 300lbs and is Dehydrated

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Jun 6, 2013

Best poll of the decade !

Miller sucks so badly it's almost impossible to put into words. - But it goes to show you how far a granite chin can take you in this sport.

New poll:

AJ will take Miller out in:
# 30 seconds
# under 1 minute
# In the first round
# None of the above. AJ breaks his hand on Miller's face, after landing his 76th clean blow, and lose via DNR.
# None of the above. Miller swings wildly, falls over, and KO's himself as he hits the canvas.
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Yolo Swaggins

Kuntus maximus
May 16, 2013
I dont see any other fight for him at this time realistically
Who should he be fighting instead?
Wilder fury 2 is a certainty
Nobody wanta to see chisora or white fight him again
Jun 4, 2013
It's not a horrible fight, but fucking hell, Miller is going to get his ass whooped. Fucking Bogdan Dinu had him on the end of his jab throughout their fight. Fucking Wach was whooping his ass until he broke his hand.
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