Anthony Joshua vs. Oleksandr Usyk

Joshua vs. Uysk Winner and How?

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Sep 22, 2014
Ok. Maybe but Usyk is with Matchroom too. They wouldn't lose the belts, although I guess Usyk wouldn't have the draw to fill UK stadia.
Well done, you’ve answered it yourself. General public don’t know who he is. Hence it’s not “win-win” as he’d never sell out Wembley.

They’ll go the Whyte route with Uysk. “Just fight this one more guy Oleksandr... then you can fight AJ. We promise!”.

You know what they say about friends close, enemies closer?
Sep 22, 2014
I wouldn't be sure about that... There was plenty cheering for Usyk when he beat Bellew in Manchester... I think they could easily do a stadium fight for Joshua v Usyk.
Sure, but based off of Joshua’s name selling 90% of the tickets. Uysk’s first defence? Not a chance.
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Jul 7, 2015
I think Usyk might just get shut out and retire before he does anything in the Heavyweight division. Always felt like he wouldn't be around much after 20 fights.
He's 32 and has had close to 400 fights amateur and pro.

His best chance is If Ruiz wins, because then Eddie will for the first time have an incentive to push Usyk for the fight and Ruiz will probably take it.
But I reckon there’s a good chance Wlad will come back to beat Foreman’s OAP record
A 6ft1 fat guy with a short reach is literally bread and butter for Wlad, so he will fancy his chances well into his 50s.

On the other hand if Joshua wins it’s hard to see where he goes. They aren’t going to let him fight Usyk. He'll be fighting someone shit like Pulev, maybe Whyte since he beat him before, and in all honestly Eddie will try to get the winner of Allen vs. Price another winnable fight and then get them in.
Wilder won't fight him until at least 2021 and nor will Fury.
By then he'll be 35 and all the momentum stalled from 2-3 years of fighting pointless warm ups so he can 'adjust to the weight'

Now the glory of moving up straight away and dominating the unbeatable AJ to go down as the GOAT has been taken away from him, I wouldn't be surprised if if he gets another injury he just packs it in.
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Jul 6, 2019
If Ruiz wins, and Wilder wins then they might be granted an extension for the unification if they make it.

I personally doubt there is an immediate unification, and therefore think Ruiz will need to drop either the WBO or the IBF.

Even if we do get a unified champ however, that person will have a WBO and IBF mando due and possibly a WBC one depending on the Whyte situation. (not sure about the WBA situation off the top of my head).

We will def see some vacated belts next year one way or the other.