Antonio Tarver retires. Time to evaluate his legacy.

Sep 5, 2018

Antonio Tarver, now age 49, says he is retired from boxing. Tarver had multiple instances of positive PED tests, and has not fought since a 2015 fight that was scored a draw against Steve Cunningham. A former Olympian, Tarver ends his pro career at 31-6-1 with a signature knockout of the great Roy Jones, Jr., two wins out of three vs. Jones overall and a split of two fights with Glen Johnson.

"I am available for some commentary boxing work. Now that I’ve officially retired I think I can give a unique inside fighters point of view that’s easy to follow and comprehend."

So, what kind of legacy does Antonio Tarver leave behind?

Slick Ric

Long limousines & jet airplanes
Apr 7, 2015
I thought he had been retired for years now. He goes down as nothing close to an ATG.
May 22, 2013
I thought he had been retired for years now. He goes down as nothing close to an ATG.
He has a respectable enough resume but you're right, the hall of fame would be a long shot.

He had been calling for years for the big names at heavyweight to fight him but there was never any value in it for anyone to take him on.
All talk and didn't do the work to make him worthy of a big fight at heavyweight.
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The Gifted One
May 17, 2013
Tarver is a funny case. He's obviously a really skilled boxer and some regard him as one of the best American amateur boxers of all time. Obviously, he beat Roy twice and gave him a tough fight in the first one. But then he loses to Glen Johnson after his biggest win, Bernard Hopkins moving up 2 weight classes, and Eric Harding. Then he gave prime Chad Dawson a tough fight twice, but still lost both of those fights as well.

Honestly, he appears to be more of a gatekeeper than anything else. His power is a bit of an enigma also. He didn't appear to have that much power, but would occasionally sit down on punches to score big KOs even at heavyweight.


CHB Writers
Jun 5, 2013
Trying To Make A Dollar
I had the pleasure of meeting him after the Ward/Abraham fight here in Carson. A guy I knew (Manuel Quezada) was the swing bout and it went on after the broadcast. I snuck my way down by ringside and Antonio was just hanging out.

He was a very nice guy, I told him how I loved that he shut my RJJ fan up and we chatted for a round or so of the fight.

His career, like so many in boxing, ended in scandal and failure. I'd hope the PEDs were an attempt to hang on not a carry over from his prime, but you never know.


Going the full Gonzo
Sep 16, 2013
Watched the Tarver-Jones trilogy again today. A case can be made for Roy not being at his very best. But Tarver was absolutely world class in those three fights.