Any boxers here that you have personally met?

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May 19, 2013
Las Vegas
1) Shawn Porter. I was waiting at the mgm lobby in 2009 for the Cotto Pacquiao official entrance on a Tuesday. All the fans were lined up hoping to get an autograph. Standing alone was a young black man who was taking it all in. It was cool to see a black dude at the time because the place was full of filipinos.

He said he was picked to spar with Manny in the Philippines. At the time, Shawn Porter wasn’t famous..

But here is his recollection of his experience in the Philippines.

#2) Nonito Donaire. I was at a boxing match in Oakland to see Andre Ward fight sometime in 2008 or 2009In the crowd was Nonito Donaire and his wife was there. His wife left and we talked for a minute. I thanked him for representing the Philippines. Very nice guy. I noticed he was taller than me. He’s a legit 5-7.

#3) Evander Holyfield. Wednesday night karaoke at world famous Crown & Anchor bar which is a British themed bar. (We gotta hang here if there ever is a CHB meetup.) I forgot what song I was singing, but I put the mic to his mouth..pretty cool low key guy.

#4 Mercito Gesta..I dunno whatever happened to him. But he had a boxing match at the Texas Station Casino (place has shut down and was Floyd Mayweather’s first professional boxing match in the parking lot outside)

#5) The Argentinian boxer that beat up Broner. Has a pistol tattoo on his hip. Snuck up from behind to wish him well. I have that somewhere on youtube.

Who else in the famous world of boxing.

Leonard Ellerbe. I used to make his smoothies. He said Floyd McGregor would never happen..

Floyd Matweather’s cut man. Has A Kangol Hat with a lot of pins.

That’s all for now off the top of my head.
Jul 15, 2012
El Paso, TX
Floyd's cornerman. I believe is Puerto Rican and I believe was Wilfredo Gomez's cutman too. I've seen him in a lot of corners for champs in the 70s and 80s.

- I met Trevor Wittman in 2000 when I use to train in Denver in the early 2000s. He now trains MMA fighters including Justin Gaethje and Rose who is a two time and current UFC champ. He invited my dad and I over to his place to watch DLH vs Mosley, but I had bad grades at the end of 7th grade and he didn't let me go. Trevor fought Leon Spinks' son as an amateur. Extremely nice man.

- DaVarryl "Touch of Sleep" Williamson through Trevor he use to hang around his gym and train back when it was called T's KO.

- JC Candelo. Was on Friday Night Fights a lot. Almost made it. Nice man. Introverted.

- Verno Phillips. Another nice man who finally won a second World title I believe in the mid 2000s. He lost it to Paul Williams.

- Fernie Morales. NABF Bantamweight. Almost won the IBF. Trained a lot of amateurs and some pros in El Paso. Almost beat some guy's ass that was sparring too hard with his teenage son and throwing punches across the ring. Jumped in the ring and pushed him across it. What a guy.

- Erik Morales. Him and Corrales fought on a BAD card about 20 years ago here in El Paso and he was signing autographs at my gym. I trained that day. My autograph says "Para Chris, es su amigo, Erik Morales". He's always been one of my favorites I also have a slender frame.

- Floyd Sr. Was in El Paso at the time. Saw him sitting on the ring chatting to one dude for a good minute. I could have gone up to him, but didn't. We we're only a few feet apart.

- Rene Armijo was a teammate of mine. I am also a southpaw and he taught me a lot. He fought on the original contender series.

- Miguel "Flash" Estrada was my trainer. He fought Roberto Duran. He was all about boxing and not brawling. Very nice man their was a language barrier, but he never put me in over my head.

Cesar Lopez was also on our team, but switched trainers when he went pro. Won an under 19 amateur tournament in New Orleans. Lost on Showtime to Glenn Donaire. Also fought Koki Kameda and Brian Viloria. Extremely fast hands and loud cracks on the mitts. Nice and kind man.

- Antonio Escalante also trained in our gym. San Juan and Carolina. Had a helluva fight in the 2000 Golden Gloves in El Paso that he won. He's got a pretty good record and fought some former world champs I believe. Was on Friday Night Fights a handful of times. Maybe Showtime or HBO too. Very, very nice and humble. Smiled all the time.

- Alex Becerra was a local pro that I knew.

- Bobby Joe Valdez probably could've made it to the top 20 in the world and possibly a higher ranking had he not partied so much.

- Cesar Valenzuela and I are about the same age. Well schooled with great handspeed. A joy to watch on the mitts. He would've gone far had he trained and fought more often. , but didn't turn pro until his early to mid 20s and got stopped by Vergil Ortiz on the undercard of a PPV. I don't think he would've lost if they we're the same age and he was dedicated to fighting. He has a degree I believe, but he was a good amateur.

- Ron Lyle trained me for about a summer when I was 19. Very nice man he had a small ring in the basement of the Boy's and Girl's club in East Denver.

- Lonnie Smith and his son. Sr. Fought Chavez and it went the distance.

I met Macho Camacho in the early 2000s through Trevor. He showed up an hour late to the Saturday session in a yellow Mustang Cobra. He walked through the door and scanned the room with his body moving one way and his head turned the other. Sang on the treadmill to warm up. I've got pictures that I need to scan.

- Met the Goosen brother that was a manager and promoter that day.

I believe that is all. Brendan Schaub just got into boxing at the time I stopped working with Trevor. I may have been at one of his amateur shows.
Jul 15, 2012
El Paso, TX
Lots of detail I know, but I loved boxing more than I wanted to be a fighter. I'm glad I didn't, but you never know. I could have been something had I been humbled in the ring and listened to instruction. I had a chin, height, and reach. But, brawled instead of boxed.
May 17, 2013
Only one that I actually shook hands with and spoke to briefly and that was Ali back in the mid 70's when he was in New Orleans to fight Leon Spinks for the 2nd time and regained his title with his win in the Superdome.

I did manage to go to the Dome and see Sugar Ray and Roberto Duran doing some training sessions prior to the now famous "No Mas" fight, but you weren't getting close to them at the time. By then I had seen Duran fight many times on TV and knew his style, but the thing that amazed me most was Duran's ability skipping rope when he had those open training sessions. The guy was amazing.
Apr 19, 2014
Wee John Caldwell , whata fight this wasagainst Fredd ie Gilroy in the KINGS HALL, Caldwell in the white trim


The Original Maximus
May 19, 2013
Jay's mums house
Met Enzo Maccarinelli during my holiday repping days in Gran Canaria in 2005. He was WBU Cruiserweight champ at the time, and I would have a quick chat with him most days.

On one occasion, I was sitting at the hotel bar, and he walked up and told me that some other guests were playing music obnoxiously loud by the pool, that he'd asked them politely to turn it down, and they told him to fuck off lol. I told him I'd take care of it, and as I got closer to the pool where these chav guests were, all I could hear, apart from the music, was 'shit, the rep is coming, turn it down!' and feeling like the big man when these guests shat themselves in my short-arse presence but not a cruiserweight boxers. Goddam I miss that job.

He was a gent, and I was most impressed with him going out jogging up and down very steep hills in 40 degree heat on his holiday. He was also very gracious to people asking him for autographs at 3.30am at the airport on the way home.
May 16, 2015
Met ODLH in Montreal in a restaurant after Lemieux vs N'Dam. He was hammered and had ordered everything on the menu for his table. When I asked where Hopkins was, they told me sleeping at the hotel because the guy wakes up at 5 to train everyday :rofl