Anyone else looking forward to the trash talk between Bellew/Stevenson?

Jun 10, 2013
We all know how Bellew likes to talk shit to opponents, so it will definitely be interesting. I think Stevenson might be shocked to have someone talk just as much shit to him.


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Jul 29, 2012
Stevenson is a piece of shit. If Bellew ends his career, I'll be pleased.


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Jun 18, 2013
Wasn't aware either were particularly good at the trash talking.

Bellew just gets himself all emotional/wound up in his own mind over very little (scouser) and Stevenson is clearly retarded. More chance of a weigh or press conference brawl than any decent banter.

Great fight though, this will be good one for the fans and I see Bellew getting an early stoppage, styles are good for him here(tin hat on standby)


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Jun 4, 2013
There's a difference between proper trash talk and the bad tempered outbursts that Bellew comes out with.

David Haye and Audley Harrison engaged in professional trash talk in the build up to their fight. It was a joke of a fight, but the pair of them managed to talk it up into something much better than what it actually was. Tyson Fury knows how to trash talk too, he pushes all the right buttons (even his own) when he spouts his crap. He isn't a nasty guy, he just knows how to build up a fight.

Tony Bellew isn't a professional trash talker, he can't even keep a lid on it after his fights. Which are shit now, by the way, he just stinks the place out and then calls it a "Masterclass".
Jun 6, 2012
Where is this idea that Stevenson is a good trash talker come from? I saw his press conferences with Dawson and he couldn't put a sentence together. He's an absolute moron...
Jun 6, 2013
Neither of them is a good trash talker. Bellew's a hothead and Stevenson's just a thick homeboy who clearly dropped out of school aged 12.

People who think Bellew has no chance clearly have never watched Stevenson probably. He's a big banger but he has little else if he can't catch you, he can definitely be outboxed. Bellew outboxed Cleverly for large portions of that fight so as long as he sticks to a game plan he could do the same Adonis. If he stands toe to toe though he's in big trouble.

Looking forward to this fight, for once a UK fighter will be going abroad to fight for a world with a good chance of winning unlike other recent examples.
Jun 7, 2013
No and neither am I the fight. Neither man can speak very good English for starters. :lol:


If you have watch 1 minute of Stevenson fighting you might think he is a killer but if you have watched 4-5 of his fights you will know Bellew has the ability to beat him. Bellew is a better boxer, has the better jab, is the bigger man and probably fitter as well. If you put a gun to my head I would still say Stevenson especially with it being in Canada but I wouldn't rule out a Bellew win!
Jun 7, 2013
I actually fancy Bellew to win this.
Either Stevenson points or late stoppage.

Saying that Bellew has been in with Cleverly and has sparred top quality. But IMO its a step up for Bellew and Stevenson can bang. I'm here to be proved wrong, but I just dont think Bellew has got what it takes to go all the way and take the belt, he needs to take it if he wants to win it. He gets ahead of himself alot Bellew, say what you want about the last two fights against Chilemba, and Chilemba being a spoiler, but Bellew repeated what he did in many fights, when he has a chance to take over the fight, he drops back in to 2nd gear and cruises. This wont be enough on away turf IMO. Hes got to WIN it.