Training Anyone here got a boxing licence? (or pro british boxing licence more specifically)

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Jun 9, 2018
I found most of the info on it at
So I need a professional second and management
And need to do a fight to prove I've got the skills etc to them

I just wanna know what the process was like for other guys and basically wrap my head around it
Unfortunately I'm 30 without amatuer fights
But don't worry I can fight
Ive been fighting since I was 8 years old, and worked in one of the roughest clubs in the country, so have been in over a thousand scraps most likely
Fighting is just in my blood

But yeah, this means I've gotta come in and get my licence in an awkward way
Not the usual, go to the olympics or have a ton of amatuer fights route
Honestly, it sucks
I would do that and would have done that, but I got busy for the past seven years figuring out business and living a life, ya know?

So yeah I had plans back in 2008 to go pro but, it just never developed cuz life you know
So I'm a bit in a panic sorting things out to get my licence and fight my way into the ranks to show my stuff to the world before I get too old
My style is really unique and it is something I think ought to be seen and shared, so, this is my motivation

But I actually, ha, I live in spain
So I gotta travel to England at the end of this month and somehow find management, trainers etc and organise a way to get this licence before the end of the year
I dunno, I'm in chaos, any guy out there who has got the licence from these guys before or has dealt with them and give me some inside info or contacts, Id be super grateful, thanks a bunch
Jan 14, 2018
Hook up with a gym over here. Do a few sessions, get a bit of sparring and it will help no end to say you box out of, whatever gym with so and so doing your coaching and corner.
You have to apply to the area council that cover the area you live in.
Ricky Pow was the last Spanish resident that I know applied and got a bbbofc license. He teamed up with a gym in Bristol if memory serves me correctly.
If you want, pm me and I'll give you my gym detsils, the coaches and a few local managers.
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