Anyone invest in Cryptocurrency?

Mar 6, 2014
Tbh I was thinking of buying when the Charlie Lee 'litecoin could go to $20' meme hit the target...I didn't as it happens...but I wouldn't be all that surprised if enough people did to spark this little uptick
Jun 7, 2013
Good thing/bad thing. Nasdaq is in the shitter, so cheaper funds for me...bad thing, there is a business that I would like to purchase but I'd be taking a major loss on my funds if I were to do so
Jun 7, 2013
Are you planning a time to start going in heavily? Seems like gritting your teeth and doing it within the next few months is kind of needed.
I'm already in it pretty heavily, I'll maybe stop making deposits until it calms down. I wouldn't be stressing over it if I wasn't planning on buying a business, but since I want a 10% yearly average, it's gonna be another 2 years til I can withdraw


Dec 12, 2015
Mandela did you sell your TRX? I recall you had buy orders near ATH and since it came very close (BTC pair) just wondered if your sell order triggered.