Are you a macro trader or a long term trader?

Jun 4, 2013
IE do you buy and forget or buy wait for a jump sell buy something else repeat type of person? And has that route been fruitful?

I only ask this because I have never been one to buy and sell at a high. I've been massively burned selling while high only for my investment to jump massively still after I exited.

This goes for stocks as well as cryptos.


CHB Führer
May 16, 2013
I've done both but mainly I'm a hodler now.

I had good results trading back in the day but it was so fuckin time consuming. I tried to do the same when I got into cryptos and sold LTC at 150, after buying for 90, with the intention of buying back after it fell from the 150 landmark (it was the highest it had ever been) but it just kept going up to around 250 and has never came back down to those levels since. If I had more time I would skim a lot more profits but I don't so I just hodl.

My shares haven't been touched in years. I haven't even looked at them for years, tbh. I check the dividends and that's it.


Get-rich-quick scheme investor
Dec 12, 2015
Guess I'm a holder but when my assets go up to the point where I can get my initial invesment out I will sell some.