Arguello vs Chavez Sr.

Mr. Brain

Jun 4, 2013
Alexis Arguello vs Julio César Chávez Sr
@ Super Feather and @ Lightweight.

Some results and reasons please.


Jun 5, 2013
At SuperFeather, it would be a hard fought battle with Chavez bobbing and weaving his way inside, banging up Alexis’ skinny body but will always be in danger of taking some hard shots from the sharp punching Nicaraguan. Julio had excellent defense up close, and a iron chin..he can win this if he doesn’t take too many of Alexis’ bombs, no matter how good your chin is, taking too many of Arguello’s shots is never a good thing. If Arguello keeps him at distance he wins, but Julio getting inside wins him the fight.

At 135lbs, I have to favor Chavez more easy. Julio was at his absolute best here, and Arguello wasn’t as great here as he was at 130lbs IMO.
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Mr. Brain

Jun 4, 2013
I'm a big time Arguello fan, but that darned 90 fight unbeaten streak has me leaning toward JCC.


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Jul 10, 2012
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Arguello at lightweight for me I think he'd match Chavez for effective bodywork I also think he'd catch Chavez with long rights . For me rounds 13,14and 15 could see arguello just finish strong enough to win by 3 rounds . Great fight though

Pryor vs Chavez at lightweight would be amazing
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Jun 10, 2013
Arguello at 130 IMO - he was at his peak at this weight, whereas Chavez was perhaps a bit drained and often forced to call upon his boxing skills to beat opponents.

At 135, the situation was essentially reversed - Chavez was probably at his peak weight, whereas Arguello was a step slower. I'd probably favor Chavez by decision here.
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May 31, 2012
I think Arguello is the greater man at 130, while Chávez is the greater at 135. But I think that because both were good enough at either weight, picking a winner is going to come down to a styles analysis rather than simply saying Arguello wins at 130 and Chávez wins at 135.

I don’t think that either man necessarily holds the stylistic kryptonite for his opponent in this one. Chavez was a better boxer behind his jab than he is generally given credit for. He could trouble Arguello using that skill, but in all likelyhood the majority of the fight would be done with the two fighting it out. Arguello is going to be able to land massive, signature shots, but I think Chávez’ chin might be what would see him home in this one, with his workrate and skills doing the scoring.