ASMR- Love it or hate it?

Jul 25, 2012
I can't really say why, but those (I'll call them fetish) videos of girls (usually) whispering into a microphone, rubbing sheets together, unwrapping cellophane paper, etc. put me in a really awful bad mood. Since I love the sound of rain, running water, the background noise of people speaking on TV, I thought I'd like ASMR. But was I wrong, I can't get past 30 seconds of any ASMR video. Anyone feels the same?
Jun 4, 2013
There is A LOT of awful ASMR. Girls that don't know what they're doing and just move around the camera or just suck on the microphone doesn't do anything for me... well my ears at least. There are some really good ones out there, though. I can't say what will be good to you. It's really just watching for a few minutes and seeing it. It's easy money for tons of women, so of course, it's saturated with horrible shit.

Eating ASMR is probably the worst thing invented. I just find it disgusting. I hate watching someone eat.
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The Original Maximus
May 19, 2013
Jay's mums house
I still follow my old favourites, but it's really annoying to have to scroll past endless talentless twats to find a decent vid. The whole community was hijacked by those same twats and their idiot followers.