Australia The Land Down Under


racist on the way to being banned
Nov 29, 2015
Sydney “Orstralia”
I remember only recently you posting that you were leaving and wouldn't be back. That went well for you.

Go away you impertinent oik

I have dual citizenship at both forums

Who’d keep you yokels in check? The Australians at this place are embarrassing, I have to provide a voice of reason, I’m undoubtedly the most intelligent, worldly young chap here, it’d be morose & laughable without my presence
May 8, 2013
What's it like there ?

Quite big chunk of land on the world map.

Alot must go on down there ????
Australia is pretty insignificant most of the time, but imagine New Zealand. That is a country for no apparent reason. I am not sure that they have ever impacted world events to any significant degree. It must be the most boring inhabited (allegedly) place on the planet.
May 21, 2013
It’s fucking ace.

Expensive though

Want a bottle of water? In Scotland you go past Greggs and get a steak bake and some H2O, cost you £1.50

Here, that similar shit is $12 at cheapest place( so about £6.50).