Brit/Ire Ben Doughty: The Life and Crimes of a Boxing Doyen

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Jul 29, 2013
No buddy, I've not read either book.

I've seen bits and pieces on Twitter and its largely a work of fiction isn't it?
Like yourself I really cannot be bothered to waste time reading even though someone sent me a copy
from what I’ve seen ,yes fiction
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Nov 14, 2015
you guys had the third book?
this thread's dead here mate

good work carrying it over to oth, this has to be lunny's goat thread here and there's some brilliant stuff in the thread over there, doyen getting ravaged week after week

as if there was already any doubt, the doyen's unwittingly exposed himself in the 3rd book to be an absolute scumbag devoid of any moral fibre

and the cunt's still wearing pantyhose under his shorts in public as though it's some sort of training outfit :sad

keep up the good work over there lads

some of those amazon reviews are class
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