Best Old Man performances vs a younger opponent?

Jan 2, 2019
Theres been so many
I was never a fan of Hopkins. The ones that really caught me
Sergio Martinez at 37 putting on a schooling to a 26 year old Julio Cesar Chavez Jr (Chavez Jr was a weight bully refused to step on the scales before the fight and rehydrated to cruiserweight) and then got embarrassed for 11 rounds. Last round I was on the edge of my seat
Tommy hearns vs virgil hill. Hearns at 33 coming off knockouts from guys like Barkley and Hagler and fight well above his natural weight division putting on a masterclass after such a long career against hill.
Joel casamayor vs katsidis that was a war, and this was an undefeated katsidis
Mike Maccalum vs toney was a very good one I thought maccalum beat him twice
Domestic- Michael Gomez vs Khan at lightweight Gomez was 30 and Khan was 20, I remember Gomez cracking khan to the ribs and khan coming out with this massive flurry of punches, Gomez didnt let himself down.
Luis ortiz at the age of 60 on BP meds taking it to wilder twice before getting stopped
some of the fights Longena mock was involved in even recently In his mid 40s he was exposing prospects.
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