'Big Daddy' Bowe comeback at 52 'imminent'


ANTIFA *funded by Soros* cucking the fash
Dec 6, 2019
Varaždin, Hrvaška
That's the problem with so many people in sport on the professional level. If they are good enough, they make bank while plying their trade, but far too often they have ZERO knowledge of financial planning and wind up broke ass bitches later in life when they should be enjoying their retirement years. A quick google check indicated he earned over $80 million in purses over his career, so who's to blame for his financial straits...……..especially fighters who have careers that usually last into the mid 30's at best. There's usually a lot of life left to live from that time on, and it doesn't get cheaper as the years pass.

I have a hard time feeling sorry for sports figures, or anyone else who had earned that kind of money and is now destitute. Is it sad to see, yeah, but they only have to look in the mirror to see who's to blame.
He was punched in the head for a living by 200lb heavyweights. Probably has severe mental trauma. It happen so often maybe it's time to start blaming the system instead of the fighters.