Big Forum Upgrade + Message from Admin

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May 31, 2012
Hey all

Sorry about the downtime. Something happened that prompted me to shut the site down temporarily, and I decided to use the downtime in order to do some upgrades I've been planning on for a while. Hit a few technical issues (old software had dependencies that were out of date, so needed further upgrades).

We're now on a new forum software, which should fix many of the issues that were happening - mobile posting (I've had no issues), mentions/alerts not always working (please let me know if this is still an issue), and performance upgrade!

We also have a new theme, which isn't quite finished (I can't theme/colourise to save my life, so this will be an ongoing process over the next week or so) - but I figured people would rather post and put up with a theme not quite finished (colours and a bit of tweaking). It's got a ton more options and features which will be much more beneficial over the old one, which was actually quite limited from a technical stand point. Plus I'm going to be away until mid next week so can't really do much more.


When I shut the forum I cited "disgusting actions of one or more individuals".

There was a huge thread recently, whereby I made it crystal clear about the values and ethics I expect from members of this site. It prompted large amounts of discussion, some relevant, some not. I purposefully let the thread run because I wanted to learn how everyone felt, whereas normally it would've been closed earlier.

The same issues highlighted in that thread happened again. Twice in 24 hours, with an attempt to frame 2 other users of this site, myself included. The content was lewd, inappropriate for any work environment, and naturally the member in question wasn't impressed. I was very close to sacking this place off entirely, having my forum be the medium for this behaviour is not what I am investing my time, money and energy for.

I still don't know who is behind this. They're cowardly, malicious and pathetic. Frankly, if they want to target someone they should target me instead, but they won't because they're cowards who want to target those who have no involvement, and have no way to defend themselves or protect themselves.

Unfortunately as a result we've lost a member of this forum. For the first time in 6 years (great way to celebrate CHB's 6th bday), I've had to delete a members account. This was on request of the user, who felt that he had no other way to pacify his attackers. That gutted me more than anything else. The coward behind it has won. Let that sink in. Someone abused the personal life of a member, solely because they didn't like the poster of a boxing board, and pretty much bullied and blackmailed into having their account of 6 years erased.

I've seen people say how this individual is at fault for this downtime etc. As far as I'm concerned, if you have that opinion, you can leave the forum. If you believe that this was the best or right outcome, you can leave.

I've been informed that groups of people on this site have banded together to create hate forums targeting this member. Creating other sites on various social medias all to share photos and talk about how much they hate him etc. Some may have more active roles than others, but they do exist, and they should all be ashamed of themselves. Some of them I was really disappointed to find were part of it.

I get called out for giving members specialist treatment, yet people are taking part in the above. They don't recognise or even comprehend the irony of that.

There are some vile people on this forum who privately I wish don't post here. I however don't target them, create hate stuff, or even just ban them from posting. I give everyone a chance to enjoy this forum, which has a very high tolerance for all content, opinions, discussion, speech that you'll rarely find on any other discussion board, especially not with reasonable high quality and activity that we enjoy here.

Unfortunately I've been forced to re-evaluate this policy. I will be posting a new set of rules in the near future, once I've had chance to review and be happy. Every member, new and old will be required to agree and accept. They will be enforced.

This is not a good situation, it's not good or happy news. If I find out who was responsible, I will publicly out them, as well as removing them from the site.
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