Biggest schoolings

Jun 14, 2012
It wasn't on the same level as Calzaghe-Lacy, but I enjoyed old Larry Holmes schooling Ray Mercer.

A Force

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Jul 21, 2013
The two in my time following the sport I always think of are Calzaghe-Lacy & Hopkins-Pavlik.
Jun 14, 2012

One of my all time favourites. Maybe the best performance of his career.
Love that performance from Martinez.

Mayweather-Gatti is both a schooling and a battering.

Winky Wright embarrassing Tito Trinidad.

One that's never mentioned but certainly took me by surprise was Proska absolutely schooling and clattering Sebastian Sylvester around the ring for 3 rounds. Proska looked like he could have been the dogs bollocks in that fight.